View Full Version : The Pants Party, I know you just closed my thread, but theres a deeper issue here

Komrade Kayce
11-06-2009, 04:02 AM
Go back and read what I wrote again. This is different from the regular 'xbox.com server needs to update' issue. I've done this with Fallout before, and Magic. I KNOW what waiting for the server to update means.

Theres an earlier thread here by a guy whose game crashed right when he was about to get one of the achievements (thats part of the 1000) and now, upon redoing that part, the achievement never ever pops.

THIS is the issue I'm currently having, the two achievements aren't popping anymore. Even 'glitch' popping where they dont count for anything. The game does its half pause like its about to give you one, but nothing happens.

This is AFTER I recovered my gamertag to delete the two bugged 'waiting for xbox.com update'. See, the reason why I know its different, is because in Fallout, I could keep loading the same game save right before getting the cheev to keep testing if the servers updated yet. It would pop, I'd check the cheev list, go 'ooops, nope, guess not' because of the whole it being there but not really thing, recover my gt to wipe it, then try again later, rinse and repeat.

In DAO, now, having wiped those two, they are NOT popping at all. They're not listed glitched or otherwise anymore, but they're not popping, as if I already have them. Much like that other guy who is stuck trying to get one of the regular ones in the game. Which is why I worry, because I'm fairly sure its got something to do with the connection to the EA servers (where my Wardens Keep achievement IS showing).

You don't need to run in and lock it down, this isn't your run of the mill issue waiting for a server update. The game itself thinks I have them now, the achievements list does not (glitched or otherwise). Maybe I'm not explaining this right? (Once again, I've done this mess before, just this is much different and will likely require a patch or fix from ea, not a server update from MS).

SC Defective
11-06-2009, 08:10 AM
You probably should post this on biowares official forums bud.