View Full Version : The Mage's Treasure quest (spoilers)

11-07-2009, 05:20 AM
Really need some help with this one.I "think" I have accidentally sold on of the items to do with this quest and if I have,it looks like I'm shit out of luck as it's not in buyback option anymore.

Quest says I need 1 more piece.So far I have :-

Juggernaught Plate gloves
Juggernaught Plate boots
Juggernaught Plate armour

I'm assuming these are the quest pieces as it never actually bloody tells you.Anyway,I'm sure I never sold anything with juggernaught in the title but I've scoured everywhere and cannot find the last piece.

I've got the 2 in the East forest from the 2 tombstones.I have the 1 in west forest from behind the great oak.I have defeated the shade in the ruins after the fountain part.I have also defeated the arcane monster and I think at least 2 other revenenants in the ruins but I am still short of this one piece.

Anyone have any clues as to what I am missing and where it might be? The hermit won't even talk to me at the moment either.Thanks for any help.

EDIT : Finally figured it.I mistook clearing the ghost camp out near the oak tree for a part of the quest when it is totally seperate.The grave is actually a little more north.The piece I was missing was the helmet.Hermit still won't talk to me so it looks like playthrough number 2 to see what that book and helmet was he was on about.