View Full Version : specialization glitch

11-08-2009, 09:46 PM
I found that while trying to get the VETERAN achv. i saved my game before talking to the dwarf at the campsite and i bought a specialization tome from him (Templar Tome) who was selling the Templar and Rogue Tomes. Once i backed out of the menu, the codex HUD popped up and automatically unlocked the option to level up as a templar.

Now, because i was curious about what the Rogue specialization had to offer i loaded my last save and talked to the dwarf again. When i did i noticed that the Templar Tome wasnt available in the dwarfs inventory but i still had all the gold i had prior to buying it. I checked my stats and saw that the Templar option was unlocked too. To test it again, i saved again and then bought the Rogue tome and backed out of the shop menu. Again the rogue icon appeared and i quickly loaded my last save. Both Rogue and Templar Specialization were unlocked and i still had all my gold.

Not sure if this works with other vendors in the game but i thought someone farther along in the game could confirm if it does. kinda helpfull since these specialization books are pretty expensive and this way you can unlock all the specializations with the characters;)

11-08-2009, 10:11 PM
I'm on my 2nd playthrough and all the specializations i unlocked during my first are already available in my 2nd playthrough. So you buy them once and its unlocked through all your playthroughs i guess.