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11-11-2009, 04:46 PM
What is the easiest character or class, both of my two characters get stuck because I get to enemies that just end up owning my face so I want to figure out the easiest character to just do my first playthrough on and experiance the game.

Also this game is free roaming right so does it matter where I go first? Will people end up dieing that shouldnt or i dont want to? And can you keep Lotheberg from dieing?

11-11-2009, 05:00 PM
*Minor Spoiler Alert*

A warrior is probably most forgiving. Points in constitution for health, heavy armor, shield, etc helps you hang in there. If you are getting swarmed, see if you can run back to a choke point like a doorway or into another room so archers can't see you while you fight the soldiers.

The game is very open. You can do the Warden recruiting quests in any order and there are lots of quick side quests to mix up the variety. (and earn gold, experience and find items)

Some characters may die or be missed depending on your actions - but not ones absolutely needed for the central story. You cant dead end the campaign after hours of play :)

You can't save Lothering and that is a good example. If you ignore Stenn in his cage or plan to come back later - oops - the darkspawn kill everyone. So now you cannot recruit him as a party member. But you don't need him to play the game. Only need him if you want a big warrior or chasing the achievement for all party members.

11-11-2009, 06:48 PM
Agreed that Warrior is most forgiving and near easy mode for the newbie to this game. Almost to the point of boredom but such is a tank's life :) When you are bored of playing the tank for your party you can simply switch to one of your mages or a rogue to have some dps fun heh.

As the above poster mentioned one of the best tips is to keep your party on hold position, then go pull monsters to your group using your warrior. This will turn a chaotic situation into a firing line.

If you want a decent tank get Shield Wall/Threaten/Rally up all the time, spam your shield pummel and assault moves when needed and use warcry to debuff the groups of enemies (and later once upgraded it will push everyone back and knock them down which is nice). Watch all the enemies die and repeat. I would prioritize getting good strength, ensure you have at least 30 dex and then the rest can go into con. (you can use some gear or set bonuses to give you hp boosts until you have time to dump a bunch of points into it)

Also... good tactics go a looooong way :) I would also recommend having one of your rogues learn Bard and get Song of Courage as another buff you keep running. And one of your mages to run either Frost/Fire Weapons, or both. Buffs ftw!

11-12-2009, 07:38 AM
I am only on my 2nd playthrough right now. Am playing as rogue(Dual Wield). First playthrough was as a Warrior (Shield/Sword). The warrior was easier at times, but both have been pretty even so far. Though I do find myself healing a tad more as rogue due to less armor.

Also, as for my party setup. [First Playthrough]

Me (Tank)
Shale (Damage/AoE/Backup Tank)
Mage - Morrigan until I got Wynne (Heals)
Leliena - Rogue for lockpicking/trap disarming

If you do not have the Shale DLC, I would suggest the Dog or Sten instead, leveling them for pure damage.

2nd Playthrough setup: No official tank in this playthrough, but on bosses Shale or Alistaire serve as tanks. The enemies die so quickly that it is usually not needed.

Me - Rogue
Mage - Morrigan/Wynne (Heals)
Shale - Damage
Alistaire - Damage (Shield/Sword)

Main thing is put a tactic slot at position 1 for all characters:

Self - Health <25% (Or 50% to be safe) = Use Health Poultice - Least Powerful

And I had my mage set with: (at slot 2, after the above)

Ally - Health <50% = Use Ability - Heal

And then just watch for times when you will have to manually heal people due to stuns or things of the sort.


As for Lothering... I didn't save it in first playthrough, but I listened/talked to all the refugees and NPCs. One mentioned that the bandits kept the blighted peasants away, so on my 2nd playthrough I didn't kill them and Lothering has stayed on the map and I can go there as much as I like. So, just convince the bandit (If you can) to let you pass or that there is a caravan behind you that is disguised as poor. This should keep the bandits alive and you won't pay the toll. Thus, Lothering lives.

As for order of progression. I think they are pretty similar regardless of the order you go in. But I went to Redcliffe before Circle of Magi on my 1st playthrough and it hinted at a change if I went to Magi before Redcliffe so I will be testing that out on this run.

EDIT: Lothering still died after I went to the Forest. And.. I did go to the Mages before redcliffe this time, BUT I sided with the Templars ><.

11-12-2009, 02:41 PM
Imo the "easiest" main class to take would be a mage specialized in Healing, with points allocated very specially for damage and utility.

The two mages they give you come with a LOT of skill points allocated in impractical ways, and they are both pretty touchy in terms of the choices you make during the story.

The hardest of the boss fights are most easily handled by controlling your healer directly, you may as well BE that healer and have a great deal of utility built in.