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11-13-2009, 03:46 PM
how do you get up onto the table to walk a cross the rope to the book I can't seem to do it any help thanks :):confused::confused::confused::confused::confuse d:

05-04-2011, 12:03 AM
agreed, HELP GUYS!!!

05-04-2011, 12:08 AM
pretty sure this is 4 xbox360 but hope it helps!

SUMMARY: Learn how to walk and jump while collecting apple cores in the
farmhouse yard with Emile.
STAGE: Somewhere in France

The game begins with a video about rats and acting human. Remy, the hero,
acts a little too human for his family's liking, but at least he is willing to
help with the chores. At this stage in the game, that means collecting apple
cores before a sleeping woman awakens. There are 35 apple cores to collect.

Once you gain control of Remy, run straight ahead where you will see the first
of the cores. A trail of them will lead you under a truck, toward the edge of
a house, and then along its side. You'll also learn about holding 'R1' to
sprint in the direction you plan to move. You can sprint along the long side
of the house where lots of apples are gathered in a row, if you like. It's
pretty much impossible to miss any apples here, since they're all close
together, low to the ground. At the end of the trail of fruit cores, you'll
reunite with your brother, Emile.

He'll challenge you to meet him over at the fishing net, and to pick up food
along the way. This segment is meant to acquaint you with your jumping
skills. Start forward along the pots, jumping along them to collect the 14
cores available. Along the way, you'll have to make use of your "Double Jump"
skill, which is what happens when you jump into the air and quickly jump a
second time at the height of the first jump without landing. You can reach
the higher pots in this way that are to the right of that area, but they don't
contain anything interesting. You'll also learn here that Remy can grab the
edge of a ledge and pull himself up if you don't quite make a graceless leap.
At the end of the segment, you'll find Emile standing near the net.

Now that you've arrived at the net, it's time to climb it and collect apples
along the way. Double jump up to the base of the net, then press the 'Square'
button (if playing the PlayStation 2 version) to grab onto it as instructed in
the tutorial. You'll note that a button symbol appears wherever you can
interact with the environment in such a manner. Climb up the rope collecting
each of the 14 cores, and you'll come out at the top where your brother is

In this next segment, you'll learn about picking up objects and interacting
with them. Pick up the nearby can and run forward to collect some cores, then
set the can down at the base of a gutter. Jump onto it, then from there
double jump up to the area above. Now hop your way along shelves, collecting
cores along the way. They'll lead up to the window sill. There's a hole
there that you can pass through to the room where Emile is awaiting your
arrival. Here, grab the rest of the fruit. Drop down onto the floor for the
final of the cores, then head directly ahead to the blue column of light that
shows where your brother is standing. That will finish up the first mission.
Tell me if this helps!