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11-14-2009, 09:31 AM
What did you think about the Dragon Age Origins Stories?

My thoughts: Listed by favorites

Dwarf Noble: This one was my favorite one, and I normally donít like to play dwarves. Really liked the background, and the story to this one. I could play an entire game as the Dwarf Lord that was thrown into the deep roads, and found allies, secrets, weapons, and finally found my way back to claim what was mine, and take revenge!

City Elf: Wow! After that one ended even I hated Humans :p

Dwarf Commoner: This one is a good one to make a tough, thug-like rogue. I liked this one.

Human Noble: Pretty standard RPG type of story. Good action. Was fun.

Dalish Elf: Liked the ruins and getting to do some exploration. Didnít seem as long as some of the others.

Magi: Didnít really like this one all that much, but was ok.

So what did you guys think about these stories? And would you rather the game be about those individual stories? Or do you guys like the way Bioware merged each origins story into the same core story?

11-14-2009, 10:52 AM
I liked the dalish elf origin story the best it was much more straight forward and fun.

the magi origin story sucked.

human, was boring until the fighting started.

dwarf commoner was fun and quick

dwarf noble was exausting but I liked the story, just not running around everywhere lol

city elf was fast too I kinda wished there was more to that one.

09-13-2010, 08:05 PM
My favourite was the dwarf commoner especially if your playing as a rouge, as it really sets the scene of how glum and miserable life is in dusk town. (Also there is a really good twist if you meet leske again as a dwarf commoner)

My second favourite had to be the Elf commoner, it was such fun having sweet revenge on humans and it also set the scene of how much of a tyranny rule the humans have over the city elfs and for once the tables have been turned. (You can meet Soris and Shianna near the end of the game)

Third had to be the Dalish elf, not many people liked it but i always have loved how elfs live in the forest away from civilization and how elfs are always different to other races (such as all the tattoos and haircuts).Also it was great as it has a really great cliffhanger as u have to join the wardens otherwise you will die from the curse. (I dont know when u get to meet anyone from the origin as the only race i didnt do was the dalish)

Fourth had to be the Human noble, a great twist but was very typical rpg!
(Spoiler*U get to meet your brother at the end of the game which it turns out that he survived, u also get to have some sweet revenge on arl howe!)

Last but not least has to be the dwarf noble, nearly killed myself with how boring it was but had to be the best revenge when you go back to orzammar. that was the only thing i enjoyed but it was the ultimate typical rpg origin.

Total list was;

1.Dwarf Commoner (Great twist and great setting)
2.City Elf (Sweet Revenge and great story)
3.Dalish Elf (Best setting and coolist characters)
4.Human Noble (My favourite character and nice twist)
5.Dwarf Noble (To much walking and typical twist)

09-17-2010, 02:56 PM
If your dwarf noble.... what affects does the game have when you are to return to orzemar? (yeah I can't remember how its spelt).

09-21-2010, 07:47 PM
Dwarf Noble: Kinda boring

City Elf: I agree, humans are scum!

Dwarf Commoner: wow that one was a rough start.

Human Noble: Twas okay, and yah standard RPG person. Used it on my first run. Made me really hate politics.

Dalish Elf: this one was a great story, I am using it for my second run.

Magi: Jumping straight into the Fade was a bit disorienting but kinda interesting.