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Rumble Roses XX Tutorial

Rumble Roses XX is a wrestling game developed by Tecmo released in 2006 it is a sequel to the 2004 release on the Playstation 2.The play style of the game is quite simple, from the start you are given 40/50 characters to choose from.Ten of them are the 10 default Roses, and the other 30 are the Lambda Edits which are located under EDITS in the character select menu.The other 10 Roses which are known as Alter-Ego's must be unlocked in order for them to be played as. Once you select a Rose you will pit her against other Roses in an assortment of matches ranging from Street Fights to PHMs to Queens Matches and Tag Matches. Once you fill in certain requirements you will get a title shot. The game lacks a Story Mode and doesn't really give you any initiatives or objectives to accomplish. The only objectives in the game are really the achievements. This Tutorial will give a rundown of those who are new to the Rumble Roses series, who have not played a Rumble Roses game, or those who are new to wrestling games in general.


Movement :ls:/ D-Pad
Quickstep/Dashing Tap the D-PAD twice in any direction
Taunt :rs:(UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT)
Attack :xbut:
Run :abut:
Grapple :ybut:
Context Sensitive/All purpose :bbut: **
Block :rbbut:
Execute Killer/Lethal move :lbbut:
Execute Humiliation move :ltbut:
Tag to Partner/Call for assistance :rtbut:


:bbut:* This button has other uses:

Release a pin
Slide in and out of the ring while carrying a weapon
Directly get onto the turnbuckle (instead of walking up and manually pressing B, you can Run in the direction of a turnbuckle and your character will get on it automatically)

:bbut:** This button also takes care of a myriad of features:

Releases Holds
Attempt pinfall
Pick up weapon
Search for weapon (outside of the ring)
Leave/Enter the ring
Climb on Turnbuckle
Climb OFF Turnbuckle

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There are 20 Roses total in the whole game, each with their own gimmicks and abilities. I will provide Bio, Stats, and Supers for the 10 default Roses. I may post the Alter Egos, and Superstar Versions too with enough requests. If you wish to play as their Superstar version get that Rose to 85 popularity or higher, then re-select her at the character select screen. You will be able to switch 'Normal' to 'Superstar' by moving left or right.

http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/rumbleroses/xbox360/img/character/character_01_.gifReiko Hinomoto
HOME: Japan | AGE: 19 | HEIGHT: 5'7" | WEIGHT: ??? lbs.
Reiko looks innocent enough. She was raised and trained in the art of wrestling from early childhood by her mother, a legendary wrestler in her own right. When she was 12, Reiko was told that her mother had died during a match while on tour in the U.S. Reiko's older sister, with whom she had grown up training, left for the U.S vowing to seek revenge and has not been heard from since. Now Reiko searches for glory and her sister.

NickName: "Zero Fighter"
Killer: Sunrise Suplex
Lethal: Angel Dive

Strengths: None
Weaknesses: None, just a basic straight forward Rose.

http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/rumbleroses/xbox360/img/character/character_02_.gifDixie Clemets
HOME: USA | AGE: 26 | HEIGHT: 5'11" | WEIGHT: 143 lbs.
The only daughter of a prominent Texas ranch owner, Dixie helps out with the family ranch while also working at the local sheriff's office. Needless to say, a lot of men try to get into her handcuffs. Although strong-willed and candid, like most typical Texan women, she is friendly and sociable. She's in the Rumble Roses tournament because she wants to fight Reiko, the daughter of her idol.

NickName:3 Count Cowgirl
Killer: Psycho Driver(Reverse Death Valley)
Lethal: Dixie Buster

Strengths: Strong Grapples and Submission Lethal, Tough in Street Fights
Weaknesses: Slow

http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/rumbleroses/xbox360/img/character/character_06_.gifMakoto Aihara
HOME: Japan | AGE: 18 | HEIGHT: 5'5" | WEIGHT: 114 lbs.
Taught judo by her grandpa, Makoto became an Olympic champion. Now all she wants to do is defeat Aigle, who was the only one who ever managed to beat her in combat. To do this Makoto has taken a break from pro fighting to undergo some hardcore wrestling training. She may not have the best technique, but she's determined to make sure Aigle doesn't finish on top again.

NickName: "Judo Babe"
Killer: Galaxy Tornado(Makoto)
Lethal: Hanging Chaos Dragon

Strengths: Many Submissions,Gives lots of Humiliation for H-Moves
Weaknesses: Weak Grapples,not very strong, Weak Specials

http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/rumbleroses/xbox360/img/character/character_10_.gifEvil Rose
HOME: Unknown | AGE: 18 | HEIGHT: 5'10" | WEIGHT: 149 lbs.
A feared masked wrestler who is known for her very rough tactics, Evil Rose's origins are shrouded in mystery. She has superhuman reflexes and agility that she uses to full advantage while torturing her opponents. For some reason, she seems to show up whenever Reiko is in trouble. In the ring, Evil Rose gets hit by blinding pain. The only thing that makes the agony stop is killing people.

NickName: Beast From Undergorund
Killer:Rolling Powerbomb
Lethal:Monster Stomp

Strenghts: Pretty Fast,decent moveset
Weaknesses: Moves are all pretty much the same, predictable fighter

HOME: Japan | AGE: ?? | HEIGHT: 5'6" | WEIGHT: 103 lbs.
Benikage is a ninja operating under an "unknown Japanese ministry." Her mission is to investigate the Rumble Roses tournament (because the minister likes to see half-naked women fight, apparently). So far it's been easy, but her ninja instincts are warning her about something. Nevertheless, for a ninja, orders are a way of life, so she's obligated to strip down and mud wrestle.

Killer: Chaos Snow(Kidney Shot)
Lethal:Secret Techinique(Frog)

Strenghts:Very Quick,Great Humiliator
Weaknesses:Weakest in terms of defense in the whole game,avoid Aigle
and Dixie in Street Fights!

http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/rumbleroses/xbox360/img/character/character_08_.gifMiss Spencer
HOME: Canada | AGE: 28 | HEIGHT: 5'9" | WEIGHT: 103 lbs.
Wrestling takes the super hot Miss Spencer back to her childhood... Okay. Anyway, Miss Spencer is chasing down a rebellious student of hers. She's a precious student that may be a little naughty, but deep inside that rough exterior Miss Spencer sees a kind girl. Why any girl of hers would cut school to enter this wrestling tournament is a mystery, but it's clear that she must retrieve her student post haste.

NickName:The Task Master
Killer: Slap Combo
Lethal:Tri-Color Suplex Hold

Strenghts:Atomic Drop Infinite from behind makes her the deadliest Rose in the game!

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HOME: USA | AGE: 24 | HEIGHT: 5'11" | WEIGHT: 138 lbs
Blessed with a heavenly voice and sexy dance moves, this highly successful star has won every contemporary Grammy available. She may be the reigning diva in showbiz, but she still harbors a strong sense of rivalry with Dixie Clemets from their high school days together. When she heard that America's favorite cowgirl entered Rumble Roses, she decided to enter herself and put Dixie to shame by stepping on her face!

NickName: Dancing Sister No.1
Killer:Ultimate Elbow
Lethal:No Holds Barred Combo

Strenghts: Best Lethals in the game, both give you easy wins even on HARD
Weaknesses:Lacks in other areas other than Strikes.

http://www.konami.jp/gs/game/rumbleroses/xbox360/img/character/character_07_.gifCandy Cane
HOME: Canada | AGE: 18 | HEIGHT: 5'7" | WEIGHT: 119 lbs.
Candy sings lead vocals of an all-girl punk band, The Killer Bambies. Society has labeled her as a misfit and a punk, but in reality she has a pure heart. She entered Rumble Roses in order to win the prize money and save the orphanage where she was raised. She'll use whatever dirty trick she has to. She's already thrown everything away to get this far and now it's apparently time for a beat down.

NickName:No Future
Killer:High School Driver
Lethal:Blabber Girl,Guitar Strike(weapon only)

Strenghts:Guitar Lethal is strong,Also Superstar Lethal is powerful
Weaknesses:Guitar limited to most areas,2nd weakest in defense out of all Roses

HOME: Unknown | AGE: ?? | HEIGHT: 5'9" | WEIGHT: ??? lbs.
This mysterious self-appointed nurse serves as Lady X's assistant. A voluptuous Latina beauty in a white uniform, she always seems to sport a slightly chilling grin. She is particularly gifted at complicated submission moves she uses to collect beautiful and strong women to feed to Lady X, which sounds pretty gruesome.. Can you show her where it hurts? Take your hand off your crotch, silly. The doctor will see you now.

NickName: Dark Nightingale
Killer:Criminal Cutter

Strenghts:Great Submission Specialist,Good humiliator,Flexible
Weaknesses:Lacks greatly in other areas other than Submission

HOME: Mongolia | AGE: 18 | HEIGHT: 5'2" | WEIGHT: 119 lbs.
In Aigle's own words, "Great father... I made it this far. I fight magnificently and make tribe proud! In the name of Great Father I lose to no one. I return to village victorious. On that day, I pray Great Father accept me as true warrior. This proud warrior lose to no one. Me white doe!" Yup, she's a real winner, this one.

Killer:White Doe
Lethal:Neck King High

Strenghts:Tough in Street Fights,Dominant game, Good Muscle Power
Weaknesses:Could use more submissions,not very flexible,Torch weapon is next to useless

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So you want to get more in touch with your feminine side? Well unless you're one of the few people that can appreciate decorating dried flowers with multi-colored beads, all you have to do is make your own character. Just pick the EDIT slot in the character selection screen, and head to the Locker Room. From here you can select Customize to start building your very own wrestler.

Change your Name, Ring Name, Voice, Theme Music, Technique, Ability, and Style.
Modify the Height, Bust, Body, Hip, Arm, and Leg size of your character.
Increase or Decrease the amount of Arm, Body, and Leg muscle.
Change your Hair Style, Skin Color, Eye Color, Lip Color, Eyelashes/Eyebrow Color, and finally Hair Color.
Switch costumes, swap out outfit parts, and change outfit colors.

When creating your character you will notice that you can't adjust every single facet of her moveset. While this makes the game easier to jump into for people who aren't hardcore wrestling fans, it means a lot of trial and error for the rest of us. Since each Technique option changes your entire moveset (including Killers/Lethals/Humiliations) you will be spending a good amount of time in the Exhibition mode until you find what kind of moves you're looking for. Also make sure that the Ability you choose synchs well with the Technique style you've chosen. This way your character will benefit from the correct mix of moves that relate well to the attributes she excels in...and playing the game will be a far more natural and fruitful endeavor.

The Shop

This is where you will do all of your splurging, the Shop! Here you can buy Costumes,Swimsuits,Artwork,Actions and a few other goodies like an Audio Set, Digital Camera and a secret Rose!Most of all your time will be spent coming up with the money(RR) to purchase the things in here but basically heres a quick rundown of the Shop.There are a Total of 102 items in the shop:

17 Edit Costumes- Maid Uniforms, Gym Suits, Bunny Suits, you name it they can all be found here.

20 Swimsuits-These are all Swimsuits worn by the 20 Roses, each Rose has her own unique swimsuit and you really only have to worry about buying 19 of them.Once you start playing as lamba's then you will have to buy all 20.

31 Actions- These are comprised of Penalties for Queens matches and Photo Shoot Actions. Very Sexy!

30 Artworks-Basically a few concept Sketches of a few of the Roses in their Superstar Costumes and few other drawings.

4 Others-Items other than Costumes here. here you can buy your much needed Digital Camera and a Hidden Character!

There is a Shop Faq in the Forum that can be accessed by clicking here (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=176053) that goes into more detail about the Shop this is just a Tutorial so I'm only giving a brief synopsis.

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Match Types

1 on 1
The basic, tried and true wrestling match. Two people enter, only one will win. Everything is fair game here and there is no disqualifications in the world of Rumble Roses.

Handicap Match
Two on one, Tag-Team style (rescues,team dynamics,rescues,etc apply). One player has two characters (or two people can team up) while the other fights solo. This is a great way for a seasoned vet to take on average players and still have fun.

3-Way Royal.
Strategy is deffinetly involved here as you could be looking to team up with someone, or you could be on the recieving end of a double team beatdown. Be sure to look for a way to make sure that one character doesn't interupt your pin/submission attempt when you go for the win.

4-Way Royal
Imagine a 3-Way match with 4 players. Same rules apply and it's organized chaos at it's finest.

Queens Match
1 on 1 fight where the loser has to perform a pre-chosen penalty. Pentalies range from doing the samba, using a hoola hoop, being tickled, or even having to rub oil on the winners back. The match style follows the same rules of a 1 on 1 match, so there shouldn't be any problems just jumping in a match with a friend (or the CPU).

The only way to win is to land a Humiliation Move. No pins, no submissions. Everything else is fair game (weapons, Killer Moves, Lethal Moves, etc) but nothing will result in a win other than a Humiliation.

Tag Match
The staple of any good wrestling game is a Tag-Team match. Two teams fight each other using any trick they can think of. Rumble Roses however, included team dynamics and friendships. These can both be a valued asset or a hinderance as a team who get along well together (indicated by the icon above the characters before a match) get more damaging Team Moves and can call for help if they're caught in a submission or pin attempt. Those who do not get along won't attempt any rescues and their Team Moves will do less damage (and be far less flashy). Keep in mind that you can damage your team dynamic by accidentally attacking your partner. Do it a few to many times and she won't let you tag out, she'll ignore your calls for help, and you might risk the chance that she'll outright walk (leaving you there on your own). But by throwing your opponent into their own corner, you will make them knock down their own partner (which damages their team dynamic), giving you time to attempt a submission or a pin while their teammate is yelling at them, without worry of a rescue attempt.

Double X Moves
These moves cost both you AND your partner a meter, but it allows you to perform tag team moves on the opponent. If playing with a cpu partner you only not only have to activate the Double X move, but you have to press the button combination again so your partner jumps in with you. However when playing with a friend (or online), your partner needs to press the buttons so they can jump in, or you are penalized and lose one of your meters. Below is a listing of where you can activate a Double X move and the circumstances needed.

NOTE: Not all characters/teams can perform Double X Moves from these locations:

Opponent groggy, in turnbuckle (facing you)
Opponent groggy, in turnbuckle (facing away)
Opponent facing you (normal or groggy)
Opponent facing away (normal or groggy)
Opponent stunned on ropes
Opponent on ground, near their head
Opponent on ground, near their legs
If you throw your opponent into the corner where your partner is waiting, they will grab the stunned opponent and hold them so you can get some free shots. You can either press Strike (:xbut:) or Grapple (:ybut:) to do a quick team up move. How the team gets along and what your character specializes in determines what the attacks and throws may look like.

If you find yourself on the recieving end of a pin attempt, submission, or humiliation and your team dynamic is strong, then you can press the :rtbut: button to yell for help from your teammate. If successful, your partner will leap off the top turnbuckle and break up the move, helping you escape and keeping the team alive. However, if the opponent's team dynamic is strong then they may request a Rescue Counter, which results in their partner leaping into the air and knocking your partner down. Thus allowing the pin/submission/etc to continue as per norm.

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Street Fights

When the fight gets to personal to settle in the ring, the girls take it out to streets. Respect can be won or lost in this urban themed arena in a heartbeat.

Take the base rules of Rumble Roses, throw away the Humiliation Meter, include a life bar and a enclosed urban enviorn to fight in (fences, concrete, walls, etc). This match has a different feel to it all together as it's far more fast paced. All grabs are done directly with no starter needed (ie: pressing :dup:+:ybut: will result in the grab itself, not the starter), Irish Whips now throw the opponent into the wall/fence, Submissions only do damage once (instead of over a period of time), and there is the inclusion of Launchers, Juggles, and Recovery Attacks.

Quickstep/Dash towards opponent + :xbut:
The launcher can be follwed up with any combo/attack of your choice.

Lethal Juggle
If you have a meter filled, press the :lbbut: button after the opponent has been launched. This can be used in any juggle combo (each character's Lethal Juggle is different so you will have to experiment to find the correct timing) just as you would interupt an attack string with a grapple attempt

*. * The Lethal Juggle move can be countered by just as if you were countering/reversalling any normal attack (:rbbut:+:xbut:).

Stunning Whip
Tapping the :ybut: button will Irish Whip the opponent into the fence/concrete wall of the arena. While throwing someone into the concrete wall knocks them down, throwing them into a fence stuns them and allows you to attempt any Dizzy/Groggy (rear) Grab or Lethal your character may have. Also note that hitting someone that is directly next to a fence results in them bouncing off of the fence for extra damage. Most importantly to remember is that you ALWAYS Irish Whip in the opposite direction that you're facing.

Recovery Attack
While knocked down, press :xbut:
This allows you to attempt a quick get up attack (ala Tekken/VF/DOA) to give yourself some room. It stuns the opponent briefly, allowing you a window to mount your offense...however it can be Countered/Reversed just as with any other strike, so don't rely on it specifically.

Fighting with weapons can lead to building your Killer/Lethal meter extremely quick, doing huge damage and will even help in making the opponents humiliation meter raise faster than normal.

Where do I find weapons?
In the Red Valley and Arena areas, the weapons can be found in the four corners OUTSIDE of the ring. To grab one all you have to do is get to the corner, press towards it and tap the :bbut: button. Your girl will then search the crowd for a second and bring out with a weapon. In the Queen's Match area, there are two Boat Oars laying outside of the ring on the ground.

Do certain characters have weapons when they start a match?
Yes. Candy Cane, Mistress Spencer, Rowdy Reiko, Great Kahn and Sgt Clemets all have weapons from the get-go. Not only are these weapons specific to the characters that hold them, but these characters also have an exclusive Lethal move with the weapon of their choice (ie: Candy Cane leaps up into the air and smashes her guitar into your face).

How do I use weapons?
Normal Attack: :xbut: *
Running Attack: Run at opponent(:abut:), press :xbut:
Weapon Grapple: :dup: or :ddown: + :xbut:
* The style of attack varies depending on the weapon used and some weapons even allow you to hit an opponent laying on the ground.

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When you fill up one of your meters you have the ability to unleash your special throws on the opponent. There are three different types of special throws, each one needing their own explanation:

Killers :lbbut:
Killer Moves are your anywhere, anytime moves. As soon as your meter is filled you have free reign to drop these on your opponent any time you want, as long as they are standing up. These range from damaging throws, to pinning combinations, turnbuckle attacks and even submissions. The best thing about Killer Moves is that they interupt any other attack (grab, running attack, strikes, etc.) for free...but be forwarned that if you opponent has a meter of thier own, they can counter the move and you will be left wide open AND groggy/dizzy.

Lethals :lbbut:
Now these are the ones that deal out huge damage, but there is a catch. Each character needs their opponent to be in a specific state for the option to unleash their Lethal to be available. These range from the opponent laying on the mat while you're on a turnbuckle, to the opponent running at you after you Irish Whip them into the ropes. To better help you find your characters required situation, I've listed these here so you can instantly jump into the game and test them out at your leisure. *

Reiko Hinomoto:Opponent laying on mat,you're on top of turnbuckle
Rowdy Reiko:Opponent laying on mat, you're on top of turnbuckle
Dixie:Opponent laying on mat, you're near her legs
Sgt Clemets:Opponent standing, facing you, groggy
Candy Cane:Run at opponent
Becky:Run at opponent
Aisha:Opponent standing, facing you, groggy
Sista:A-Opponent standing, facing you, groggy
Evil Rose:Opponent laying on mat, you're on top of turnbuckle
Noble Rose:Opponent laying on mat, you're on top of turnbuckle
Aigle:Opponent running at you (after you Irish Whip them into the ropes)
Great Kahn:Opponent standing, facing you, groggy
Makoto:Opponent standing, facing you, groggy
The BBD:Opponent standing, facing you, groggy
Ms Spencer:Opponent standing, facing away, groggy
Mistress Spencer:Opponent standing, facing you, groggy
Benikage:Opponent standing, facing you, groggy
Yasha:Opponent running at you (after you Irish Whip them into the ropes)
Anesthesia:Opponent laying on mat, you're near her head
Dr Anesthesia:Opponent laying on mat, you're near her head
Lady X Substance:Opponent stunned in turnbuckle, facing you, groggy
Lady X Subsistence:Opponent standing, facing away, groggy

* Not every character's "Superstar" variant shares the same requirements as their counterpart for the Lethal Move option to be activated, so be sure to experiment (it wouldn't be much fun if I told you EVERYTHING) when playing with friends in the Exhibition mode.

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Humiliation Moves are the be all, end all of special throws/moves in this title. They almost always result in a tap-out, you can use them just as you would a Killer Move (just press the :ltbut:), and they're usually really painful looking. The only drawback to this is that you must have your opponent's humiliation meter filled to the maximum (when it happens a short ingame cutscene plays). Now this wouldn't be a big deal, but you have to understand that this game isn't like the first title, where almost every suplex or throw would result in the H-meter getting filled. Each character has roughly 2-5 moves that inflict humiliation damage (more moves are available for characters with a higher Foul rating), and the amount of damage inflicted varies from person to person. The trick is to learn which moves you have that inflict H-meter damage, and then figure out how much is inflicted. After that it's only a matter of tossing these paticular moves into your regular style of play enough to build up the opponents H-meter. Then all you have to do is land the Humiliation Move, sit back and enjoy the show.

Keep in mind that Humiliations are considered by default, a submission move. Therefor if you do not attack the correct type of body limb that the H-move targets, you leave an opportunity for the opponent to escape (just as with any normal submission move, the time it takes for them to escape from the hold is dependant on how much damage you have inflicted to that paticular limb). Play smart and wear them down prior to inputting the Humiliation Move and you'll have no problem winning PHM matches consistently.

To turn the tide of a fight or to get yourself out of a throw, these must be learned if you want to last in any match.

Counter/Reverse Attacks
When reversing an attack, you want to time it so you press the buttons right before an attack hits. Some reversals end up hitting the opponent while some may just push them away. Each result is dependant on who you're using and what kind of attack you counter/reverse.

Counter/Reverse Grapples
The same applies here. Time the button inputs right before the opponent grabs you and the move will be countered. The result could be that your character dodges their grapple attempt (leaving the opponent groggy) or maybe outright throws the opponent to the mat.

Counter Killer Moves
The window of opportunity for countering a Killer move is very small, so this would be best practiced first with a friend in Exhibition mode. As soon as the opponent flashes and starts to dash towards you, you must IMMEDIATELY input the button combination. Your character will then parry the opponents dash attempt and leave them groggy/dizzy for a small time. Taking advantage of this opening may be the difference between winning or losing a match.

Reverse Humiliation Moves
The timing for these is exactly the same as countering a Killer move as the startup for the move is the same (a flash followed with a dash). Unlike when countering a Killer move, you will actually REVERSE the Humiliation by using the opponents Humiliation ON THEM.

Reverse a Reversal of your Humiliation Move
If your Humiliation move is reversed and you have a spare meter you can actually reverse the reversal. To do so just wait until the opponents face has shown up on screen (indicating that they are reversing your Humiliation) and press the button combination. You will then reverse their reversal and get the Humilation move you were going for to begin with.

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I DO NOT take full credit for this Tutorial. A good portion I owe regard towards IGN and mulitple Rumble Roses XX fan-sites. I also contributed some info.

I was also thinking of posting the Alter Egos and the Superstar versions of all 20 Roses and am willing to if I'm given enough requests. I'm trying to make xbox360a.org a one stop shop for everyones achievement needs!

EDIT: There is now a Rumble Roses XX Strategy Guide in the forum which is slightly inspired by this guide. Everything you need is also there, it also contains not only the 10 default Roses but the Alter-Egos as well!

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I must admit, i had good feeling about this... But I never expected this to be such a complete tutorial. I guess a Thank You isn't enough I'm afraid, wish I could give you something more than words, perhaps a Hi5 hehe Because thats what you deserve! This is a GREAT work, lots of effort to bring this up, plus the info's on the girls, quite good for fans like me who are curious.
You've done a terrific job here my friend.
Thanks for add me to your list, in fact i wasn't much of a help, i've been busy and I can't wait to start playing the Roses again :)

I'll go now check the achievment thread, hehe

Congrtz for the HUGE work mate, you deserve Kudos for this!! And as a Fan, Thanks for all the hard work and dedication!

11-19-2009, 01:16 PM
...and Iron Chef Howie for motivating me and giving me ideas for what was needed in this Tutorial to help novices to the game.

Huh? I helped? Uh, thanks, I think. I know we mentioned some stuff, but I don't really remember much of what was said.

Anyway, I might be able to help with some of the alter ego stuff for a few of the characters if you decide to do that.