View Full Version : 2 New Beta walkthrough videos. Shows kill cam.

11-18-2009, 12:01 PM
YouTube- Battlefield: Bad Company 2 'PS3 Beta Walkthrough [1/2]' HQ

YouTube- Battlefield: Bad Company 2 'PS3 Beta Walkthrough [2/2]' HQ

Kill Cam is almost like the first one. Nothing really like COD it just shows the player that killed you doesnt show how they did it.

11-18-2009, 04:02 PM
Hopefully the killcam is all what it's cracked up to be, unless you have great memorization of small details when it comes to big maps.

The HUD, however, seems a little too "shiny". I can see how it looks like it's taken from a green video screen (like a submarine radar). Might be a little hard to see announcements in daytime maps.

But I do like what they did with the Engineer class: you can actually aim down the sights now on submachine guns, from the looks of it! That's a big plus. And the "combining" specs with vehicles and so on is a real interesting idea.

It also looks like it's borrowing the rank system from BF1943, along with the new spawning system. I wonder if the ranking system is temporary, or the final cut?

Gotta admit, though, the specs thing makes it sound like it's trying to mimic Call of Duty's multiplayer "perks", but it doesn't delve much into the matter, so who knows? And the aiming and shot-register reticle looks similar as well. I kind of find this to be a good thing, since the red-underdome register wasn't all too easy to see last time.

All in all, great beta so far, and the new Destruction 2.0 really stands out: bullets can chip away at cover now, and some cover seems to be layered (see video #2).

Here's to hoping that the beta for PS3 will also be available for the 360 really soon, if not on the same day.

11-18-2009, 08:32 PM
Beta will not be coming to the 360 only PC.

What I dont get is why they choose to completely remove the health status meter. Its basically Gears of War now but it actually stays instead of regenerating.

11-19-2009, 03:35 PM
What I dont get is why they choose to completely remove the health status meter. Its basically Gears of War now but it actually stays instead of regenerating.

From what I heard it partly regenerates, unlike in 1943, which regenerates completely. Also unlike 1943, which didn't have medics, Bad Company 2 has a medic class (check the second video, right at the start). They didn't entirely get rid of the old health system, so medics are still crucial for combat. By partly regenerating, then, I mean that it regenerates enough so you can actually pop out of cover for a moment, get a couple more and take a couple more shots before you have to take cover again. Only medics will be able to fully heal you (obviously, since it's in their job description).

EDIT: Found it!


Down at the bottom, you can see what I'm referencing to with each soldier able to partly regenerate his or her health. Read on more to find out.

Also, it says on the official BC2 website that a DEMO will be available to 360 users in early 2010. So, while it's not a BETA, it's still something. :D

This was taken from the Bad Company 2 official blog, but I can't remember when it was posted. I'll find it later if I can. :D

11-23-2009, 04:58 AM
Geez I can't stand CoD. Now because of them the Death Cam(the worst idea to ever hit FPS in modern times) sneaks its way into BC2.

It's bad enough that most FPS games globally tells you when someone dies and what weapon was used to do it but now we have to show you exactly who did it and where they are.

Another reason why Halo is a quality gaming experience, the less information you broadcast the better.

Even with the DeathCam, BC2 should still be pretty fun just because of the nature of the game. Just a damn shame that CoD's terrible idea is spreading beyond itself.