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11-30-2009, 10:47 PM
Post any tactics you have for Battle Bonus Complete in this thread

For Battle Bonus complete you must complete all of details shown after you finish a session of Score Attack.

Ultimate Attack

Push down on :rs:

Super Attack

Left, Right , Down or Up with :rs:

Signature Skills


Charge Attack: Max

Charge :xbut:

Charge Attack: Snap

Charge :xbut: and release right as your character starts to blink

Pursuit Attack: 2

:xbut: as your opponent is hit with a charge attack

Smash Attack: 1


Smash Attack: 2


Smash Attack: 3


Smash Attack: 4


Smash Attack: High

:xbut:, Up :ls:+:ybut:

Smash Attack: Low

:xbut:, Down :ls:+:ybut:

Air Combos

:xbut:, Up :ls:+:ybut:, (repeatedly 4x :xbut:)

Charge Ki Blast

Hold :ybut:


:rbbut:+ :bbut:

Knockdown Attacks

Down :ls:+ Throw Command

Guard Cancels

For this you can do a Charge:Max on a guarding opponent, Rush Supers and Dashing into them works as well

First Attack

Simply be the first to do damage to your opponent in the match

Throw Evasion

:rbbut: just before an opponents throw makes contact with you

Super Ki Deflect

Left or Right with :ls: just before the super attack hits you

Ki Deflect

:rbbut: before a ki blast hits you

High Tension!

Hold :ddown: until its fully charges

Shot Exchange Victories
Blow Exchange Victories
10 & 30 Hits
10,000 - 30,000 Damage

This is dependent on the character you use on how you can perform these


The Throw Command when it Indicates the word "Crash" above your health bar near a crashable wall

If these are all done correctly in one match your details section should look just like this

Picture Credit: CapnSmite - Amazing Job being the first to legitly get Battle Bonus Complete (To my knowledge)




11-30-2009, 10:48 PM
Friends Tactic

Credit goes to Capnsmite's original tactic that he posted here. (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=190838)


Goku(Whom you will play as)

Custom Deck:

Everyone's Spirit

Turns Spirit Bomb into Super Spirit Bomb (Goku Only)

Random Throw Evasion

Randomly lets you automatically cancel a throw

Challenge to the Strong

Powers up melee and Ultimate Attacks against opponents with more attack power than you

Shot Exchange Advantage

In Shot Exchange , enhances the effect of rotating

Random Ki Blast Deflect

Random Chance of deflecting a Ki Blast

Ki Blast Attack Rate Up

Launches one extra ki blast in Rush Mode

Ultimate Attack Power Up M

Enhances the power of Ultimate Attacks

Ultimate Attack Power Up L

Enhances the power of Ultimate Attacks a great deal

Rush Blast Speed Up

Speeds up ki blasts

Defense Up M

Raises Defense

Defense Up S

Raises Defense alittle

Instead of Defense up M i could have equipped Blow Exchange Advantage , however you dont want the risk of dying before you complete Score Attack. The constant random deflects helps reduce the effort you have to put it and the timing as well

Custom Supers:

Up - x20 Kaioken Kamehameha
Left - Meteor Combination
Down - Meteor Combination
Right - Gives Me Energy!

Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (Opponent)

Custom Deck:

Recoome Type

Gifted in throws

Air Ki Auto-Recover

Automatically refills ki when in the air

Super Dash Secrets

Makes Super Dashing cost you no ki

Ground Ki Auto-Recover

Automatically refills ki when on the ground

Ki Charge Speed Up

Speeds up the time it takes to charge ki

Reduce Charge Time

Reduces the time required to charge up attacks to max

Custom Supers:

Up and Left - Eraser Cannon
Down and Right - Gigantic Hammer

The reason behind the "Reduce Charge time" is the hope that it conflicted with "Challenge to the strong" on Goku. Broly recovers Ki REALLY SLOW so i equipped him with anything to help reduce the amount he uses and the amount he gains as well

Stage: Caves


The first thing you want to do is get First Attack out of the once , once thats done go for your 30 Hits with Goku, 6 Ki Blast , 5 Rush Punch's and then use Meteor Combination. Doing this rids you have Super Attack as well. Next i got 30,000 damage out of the way , Use Give me Energy! 3 times and then i charged my Ki all the way for High Tension! and give me some time , dash behind Broly, rush punch him into a Charge Attack: Low and then once hes been hit immediately use Super Spirit Bomb which counts for your Ultimate Attack

From here perform the remainder as fast as you can in whatever order however leave the following for last:

Super Ki Deflect
Shot and Blow Exchange
Throw Evasion

This step is luck dependant. Go up to broly and just hug on him , wait for him to attempt to grab you , dont be alerted if he tries to use Gigantic Hammer , if your lucky you can cancel it which will count as a Throw Evasion

Once thats done keep a large distance away from him and watch his movements , if hes about to super dash to you then super dash back for your Blow Exchange

Once he does a Eraser Cannon , use x20 Kaioken Kamehameha

Finally after his first Eraser Cannon , just to super deflect the next which IMO is the hardest part about all of this , if you can pull all that off then congrats you now have Battle Bonus Complete

05-29-2010, 03:44 PM
Thanks for the controls because I always tend to forget how to do a few of the moves and how to go about getting them thanks this should he me big time though I was close once to getting the achievement just needed like 6 of the other things they ask you to do in Battle Bonus Complete so once again thank you very much.

06-09-2010, 03:33 AM
This is all well and good, but how do i get the AI to block so i can guard cancel. Also which course should i be on, cant seem to find any 'crash' points

06-24-2010, 01:55 AM
I actually used this method and almost got the achievement I forgot to do 2 of the things and I was so darn close but great strategy though and I thoughtit was very excellent so thanks for the mini guide hopefully I'll get the achievements soon.

Heretic Dean
07-29-2010, 01:04 AM
Just got this, thanks to this guide, really helps to have all the requirements listed in one place, thanks =D

12-24-2010, 11:10 PM
I think this strategie is amazing, in the stategie you say the hardest part is getting the super deflect done but I'm finding doing guard cancels the hardest thing. I most of the time get all the other stuff done, apart from guard cancels. Only a few time have i pull them off.

Does anyone know an easy way to do guard cancels(if possible go into detail please)?

Edit: I now have the achievement I got lucky with the guard cancel in the end :) still if anyone knows an easy way to pull off guard cancels post it to help others.

03-02-2011, 12:55 PM
PrimalBandicoot suggested to use Piccolo's type instead of Recoom's type, since Broly will guard more with that item. I did it, Broly still kept throwing me several times when I was melee with him to attempt the guard cancel, and after few combos he eventually got guard broken.
Let's be honest guys, I had to try two times to get it, and the first time I just totally forgot of making a normal throw besides the crashes, it's not as hard as you are making it to be.
Pick the Wastelands, they're a much better stage to fight in, they have easy crash spots too and wide areas which are great since you can easily keep Broly at a lower height than you, far from you, and he'll always either try to use his Super Attack or dash at you => easy shot exchange, blow exchange, shot deflect. I'm also quite sure that his second super attack, the hammer thing, when connecting counts as a throw; as a matter of fact, when he was trying to use it, it triggered my random throw evasion, and this happened 3 times so I can't just think at a coincidence. Which is good of course, it's more chances to get it! Guard cancel comes after few combos you try it, meanwhile you do it you get probably the throw evasion without doing anything; then the rest is just up to you, perform those tasks and get this achievement. Which again, is EASY, stop making it so complicated because a couple of tasks aren't up to you when you can either force the CPU into them, or have great chances of triggering them anyway.

03-03-2011, 04:49 AM
I have modded the spec's of both characters as described and the only one i can't get is the 30k damage i do the give me energy 3 times but the most i get is 27,985 or something like that can anyone who still reads these boars please help

The Spuge
07-22-2011, 03:56 PM
This achievement is making me crazy. I always fail the Super Ki Deflect.

The Spuge
07-24-2011, 07:01 AM
Finally got this one. It was easy, when I realised that holding rb and spinning left stick is the easiest way to delflect super attack.