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12-10-2009, 05:34 AM
I was wondering what Akira Toriyama has done since the Dragon Ball series ended. You would think that since it the Dragon Ball series was arguably his best work he would have been enticed to do another series by now. It would be great to get a TRUE sequel to Z. And no I'm not hating on GT. In fact, I thought some of it was very good. My problem with the series is that it doesn't really get going until the end. They just get you excited and pumped for more then it ends. Even the ending seemed to be setting up a sequel that the series desperately needed. I would just like to see Toriyama come back and do a series that could continue the show the way he sees fit and is in keeping with the original works. In fact they could even state at the begining that the events of DBGT took place in an alternate timeline than the REAL one of DB and Z. (They used this idea with Trunks and the Androids of multiple timelines). We could see a new version of SSJ4 or even bypass it although inlue of SSJ5. They could give us the rematch between Goku and Vegeta that we never got. (I mean a real one. The one in the Buu saga wasn't really conclusive since there were interfering factors at the time). They could introduce new characters/villians and even bring back some old favs. We could finally see the events that took place during the years that Goku was training Uub. They could even introduce Broly into the real storyline instead of just as a movie character. The point is that they could do a lot with the phenomenal source material available even if Toriyama didn't want to get involved. It's time to face facts, if he doesn't want to do another series, then he should sell the rights to someone capable that does. I know I would gladly pay for some new quality episodes and movies. How do you guys feel? Do you agree with any of my opinions? Have your own ideas? Please post so we can get a good discussion going. Maybe we could even get a petition together if there is enough people and send it to Toriyama. Maybe if he sees the desire the fans have for new material, we might be able to persuade him or someone any way. Anyway, please respond and contribute to a constructive discussion. I look forward to your thoughts.

12-10-2009, 12:50 PM
From his Wikipedia page:
Recently, Toriyama and his studio have begun developing Dragon Ball Online, a follow-up to the Dragon Ball manga, with Bandai Namco Games and NTL for release in South Korea and Japan. The game will act as a direct sequel to the manga, and Toriyama will be supervising all aspects of the game, from storyline and setting to character and location designs. In a press conference in South Korea on February 14, 2008, Kazuhiko Torishima, the director of Shueisha (and Toriyama's original editor), stated that Toriyama had immersed himself in creating character designs and providing editorial supervision for the game for the past five years.

Toriyama's studio is called "Bird Studio", which is a play on his name, "tori" meaning "bird". Toriyama does almost all of the work in Bird Studio; his assistant does mostly backgrounds. The studio has not been very active over the last few years and has only done occasional one-shots.

In an interview conducted in 2007 with Shōnen Jump, Toriyama revealed that he does not consider what is to occur in proceeding chapters of his stories.

So there's your answer as far as an official Dragon Ball/Z/GT sequel goes.

12-10-2009, 09:09 PM
That blows. :uzi::eek: In that case, the people that made GT (since Toriyama had nothing to do with it at least not in a large sense) need to come on and make the sequel that they set up with the end of their series and the movie. At this point I would even pay to see Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. take over the roles of their fathers. I just want more Dragon Ball. If not then I guess we'll just have to look to the games and their What-If battles to get any new content. And that would be a damn shame. Don't get me wrong, I love the games. I always have. But a new anime would be so much better. I do hope that these What-If battles stop being just a cute addition and rise to the forefront to become the new storymode in future titles. Since they are taking liberties with the source material anyway, I hope they make a new 360 game where you can pick your race, power, attacks, aura color, clothing, etc. and customize everything. Then the story mode could be completely original with your actions determining the overall outcome of the game. Basically make a badass DB/Z/GT/What-If RPG for the 360. I know Dragon Ball online is supposed to kind of do this, but I hate MMOs and I personally refuse to pay a monthly fee to enjoy a game I already droped major cash on. Your thoughts?

12-10-2009, 10:01 PM
It's time to face facts, if he doesn't want to do another series, then he should sell the rights to someone capable that does.

So just because you want more yet the creator wants to end the story where he did you think he should just sell the rights to someone else to appease you or the other fans that are ok with the property being milked? Have you ever heard of quality over quantity????

Akira stopped DBZ the anime where he stopped the manga because he had told all of the story that he wanted to. DBGT was only made because Bandai had a contract with Toei animation that required Toei to have new episodes of Dragon Ball anime airing on tv when they released the game they were working on (Final Bout) in order to keep interest in the property high and insure that the game would sell well. Bandai had dropped the ball and was releasing the game past schedule and as a result Toei was obligated to create a new series just for the release of the game. Thus Dragon Ball GT was born. Akira went and revived his original manga Dr. Slump after the end of Z.

As far as new DBZ goes I think you are gonna have to keep on dreaming. Some new projects have originated like DBZ online but hell that has been in production for years in Korea and I would really be surprised if it makes it to the states once released. A new movie was just released in the previous year to celebrate the 10th aniversary. The movie takes place after the events of Z and is rather light hearted and introduces a younger brother to Vegeta that was sent away because he was too weak. Also Toei animation has recently started airing Dragon Ball Kai which is a condensed version of the anime minus all the filler episodes that were added to keep the series from passing the manga in release. The entire series has reportedly been cut down to 100 episodes and they have the original cast back to rerecord all the dialogue and record new lines as well thus to create the definitive version of the anime.

12-10-2009, 11:17 PM
I do understand that Toriyama wanted to end the series and that GT wasn't his work. I don't care who makes it. I still think a sequel to GT at the very least should be made. They set it up perfectly with the ending so why not progress forward instead of living in the past? As far as Kai goes. That show is a very stupid idea. Why recreate a series that is already great instead of focusing those energies on making something that is new and interesting? No hate just saying.

12-10-2009, 11:33 PM
An ending is necessary. That's just how it works.

12-10-2009, 11:37 PM
I do understand that Toriyama wanted to end the series and that GT wasn't his work. I don't care who makes it. I still think a sequel to GT at the very least should be made. They set it up perfectly with the ending so why not progress forward instead of living in the past? As far as Kai goes. That show is a very stupid idea. Why recreate a series that is already great instead of focusing those energies on making something that is new and interesting? No hate just saying.

Keep inmind that Kai is not a recreate but just an editing of the series. The basically just recut it and before you comment on that keep in mind that American movies do that shit all the time we just call them "special editions" lol. The point behind it was to address the issue many people have with DBZ which is the fact that one scene can drag on for episodes. (cough cough Freiza battle). Plus there is a movie that was made for the 5th aniversary that takes place after GT and involves the son of Pan Chan (Goku Jr) meeting Goku.

It just seems like you just want more to appease your desire. It's like the people that don't care that every year EA releases a Madden game with very little being changed from the previous year. They are just happy to have a new Madden. That's why companies can get away with doing the same thing over and over again because our society doesn't mind the whoring out of an intellectual property as long as we have something new to play or watch.

My roommate and I was discussing stuff along these lines yesterday and I mentioned how Bleach is now to me what DBZ was when I was younger. They both have characters that were thrown into an unexpected situation and their survivial depends on the accumulation of power and it's usage. Hey bankai and super saiyin are just the characters powering up via changing forms.

You never know my friend, Akira could always decide to start making new DB manga. He did do that for Dr Slump and a lot of people always suspected he would repeat that process with Dragon ball at some point.

12-10-2009, 11:47 PM
We can hope. Also I totally see where you're coming from with the Bleach reference. I love that show. And btw I definately don't want DBZ to go the way of Madden. I despise that shit. Not sports games. Just the milking that goes along with it. I agree that DBZ shouldn't be milked any more than it already is. Who knows, maybe someday we will get something great and orginal on the DB front. Until then we have Bleach at least. On that note, why do you think we've never seen a Bleach game for the 360 or PS3? They have games for the Wii and DS. And even the PS2 and PSP get shown some love in Japan. Nothing for the states though. Maybe they can rectify that someday soon.

12-11-2009, 12:10 AM
I actually have an import of the first Bleach game (Heat the Soul). They started on the PSP then migrated to the PS2 and Wii. The 360 has never really enjoyed the success in Japan as other consoles have and that can be attributed to the lack of foreign developers that were keen to jump on board an American made console in an industry dominated by Japanese products. Heck just go to the achievement lists on this site and compare the number of games available for the 360 in Japan to the number available for it stateside. The poor penetration of the 360 into the Japanese economy is the reason why you don't have a variety of Anime licensed games for the system. We have DBZ games because Atari kept pushing to make new games and then once Bandai took the rights from them they just kept it going. Most of the DBZ games in the last couple years before Bandai retook the rights were developed for the American market first and then translated for Japan. The only reason why I think the 360 has two Naruto games is because the series had such a heavy US following due to fansubs before it was released domestically. Plus those two games were developed in North America and have not been released in Japan.

As for the PS3 the story is very similar. The PS3 did not hit it big in the Japanese market as most gamers did not want to part with their PS2s yet. It's ironic that until recently PS2 software was outselling PS3 software. That's why in many opinions it was a foolish move by Sony to discontinue backwards compatablilty in the 3rd model of PS3s but their logic was that they were trying to kill off the PS2 without actually discontinuing it.

I think that once the PS2 is truly dead, and by dead I mean no more software development, you will see more anime games grace the PS3 and in turn the same developers will produce 360 ports as well.

Man this thread has gone all over the place huh. XD

12-11-2009, 12:25 AM
:p Yeah it has been jumping around a lot hugh? Well I've never really thought about it before but that makes total sense to the lack of anime games on the next gen systems. I never thought I would actually say it but I really want the PS2 dead now. :uzi:Well hopefully the Japanese developers start to show the 360 a little more love. Or atleast it can get the PS3's sloppy seconds in the way of ports. That would be fine to I guess. As long as the content gets here somehow. I'm also really looking forward to another Naruto game. I would have thought they would have started working on a Shippuden title by now. Seeing as how the series has released state side and series has games on EVERY other platform (except the PS3).

12-11-2009, 02:49 PM
Since the completion of Dragon Ball, Toriyama has done Neko Majin Z, a short running gag manga about a cat in a turtle school gi who resembles a blue Fat Boo, Sand Land, which I have yet to read, and artwork for new and upcoming Dragon Quest games. He also had a big hand in the new Dragon Ball special, Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return.

Oh and he teamed up with the creator of One Piece for a short crossover called Cross Epoch.

Don't forget the Blue Dragon games as well, it should be obvious it's Toriyama from the art style alone.

You might also be interested in Dr Slump, which is the series he created before Dragon Ball.