View Full Version : A few questions about This game..

True I Skill
12-10-2009, 03:05 PM
I've been looking at the splinter cell books, Been wanting somthing to read lately And notice there are quite a few for splinter cell, So what order do they all go in and how many are there? And do they explain the stories from previous games? Or just other missions he has done?

And any news on the multiplayer? Like ranks, Costumes, Game modes, bigger teams?

Will there be a limited edition for The UK? i've been looking arround a few sites and cant find any... Only that link the person gives for a US limited edition, So will there be a UK Limited edition also? If There already is what places are selling it?

Is there any main things in the previous games story i should know about? I've played double agent, and almost completed it, going through now, I have played the older ones but i wasnt too good at stealth games when i was a kid so fail'd at getting anywhere or understanding the story that well, So are there any main things from the story i should know for splinter cell conviction, that wouldnt of been made clear in double agent?

I've also seen a few video's where the dudes are just running through it looks fun and all, But i sort of enjoyed the sneaking arround slowly timing when to go making destractions and stuff on double agent, Anyone reckon there will be parts like this? Or all just run and gun?

Final question, What does real time for games mean? I hurd them say it was real time, or somthing like that, So does that mean its a free roam, or somthing? Or is it going to be a free roam?