View Full Version : Best Combo?

12-19-2009, 11:02 PM
First setup Bayonetta the following way:

1. Equip Scarborough Fair to (A) on the left (Hands)
2. Equip Durga to (A) on the right (Feet)

3. Equip Shuraba to (B) on the left (Hands)
4. Equip Lt. Col. Kilgore to (B) on the right (Feet)

Now the combo:
P,P,P,P,K(Rapid),Weapon Change,Kick(Hold)

So on default controls, thats:

You're gonna do 4 punches in a row, then rapidly press the kick button. During the rapid kicks press Left Trigger once and then hold the kick button down.

It sounds confusing, but is very easy once you get the feel of it. You can extend the first four hits by holding each press for about half a second and the whole combo can be done in the air too!

If you want to do the combo again, you will have to press Left Trigger to switch to weapon set A again.

It should look something like 4 basic punches, followed by Chun Li's Lightning Kick, then a Wicked Weave Kick, followed by rockets being fired everywhere.

Please don't flame me if you already know this, just trying to help.