View Full Version : For anyone doubting the graphics of the recent trailer...

Banana of Doom
12-21-2009, 01:13 AM
"In this weeks Bungie Weekly Update, they state “The Halo: Reach trailer was produced directly in our new game engine using real game assets. Because the game is still in the midst of development, which means things like framerate are still in flux, we do something called a ‘frame dump’ that lets us spit out the content, frame by frame, and then compile it back as the video you all saw on Saturday. We can actually run this same cinematic right now, within the latest game build, but it’s not always at the consistent smooth framerate of the final game (yet).”

As for whether this can be what fans can expect from the title when it releases next year, they continue “This trailer absolutely represents our visual bar for the final game and is near identical to what you’ll see next Fall. The single biggest difference between this trailer and the final game will be the extra generous amount of anti-aliasing (the smoothing of “jaggies” or edges of pixels) present in what you’re watching right now but rest assured that Reach will be significantly improved in this department compared to Halo 3. (The extreme “AA” in the trailer was due to the “frame dump” mentioned above.)”


I found the graphics to be impressive enough. If it can maintain the same scale (Like that big battle towards the end with the two scarabs and banshees/ghosts/infantry everywhere) and lighting as Halo 3, but with those super nice character models, better AA and better textures, awesome.