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Qing nothing
01-02-2010, 12:03 AM
I really only have one question... How? I have tried and tried so how? How do you solve the puzzle?


Qing nothing
01-02-2010, 01:37 PM
never mind.. i figured it out:)

01-02-2010, 02:33 PM
Any chance you could share the solution for this one please, as I'm having loads of trouble with it too.

In fact the puzzle mode from levels 41 on could do with some sort of guide. The ones before that aren't too bad. Ideally a video guide would be sweet!

As I don't have a capture device, I was thinking of putting a guide together for these later puzzles. I'm thinking of the format of U,D,L,R for direction followed by a number for the squares the bear should move in that direction. Guide will commence from the start grid position to finish. This movement will also take into account block movements too. If its written in the format of just bear moves only its easier to do rather than explaining which block to move. Things like start timer etc would go as separate moves.

So for example L2,U3,R1, Detonate Timer + D2, L2 and so on. How does this grab people?

I'll post the solution for #41 later

oVo Pandora oVo
01-02-2010, 10:38 PM
Here is the solution to puzzle 47 thanks goes to Johnny Sinister for giving me the solution hope this helps everyone.
There are 10 crates, I will label them A-J. I name them alphabetically moving left to right, top to bottom.

So at the start, should like something like this: (hope email format doesn't mess it up, if so, you should get the idea).


E --- F

Ok, so here are the steps:

1.) (A) 3 spots to the right
2.) (C) 2 spots down
- (F) 1 spot left
(J) one spot up
(I) four spots left
(h) one spot up

Now, you should have a giant 'L' shaped structure in the middle.

Move the rightmost piece of this structure up 1

Walk to the left of the 3 vertical green pieces, and move the middle crate over two spots.

Now, face down from where you are and push the green crate beneath you, down one.

Next, move the green crate that was the top of the "L" structure, and move it down one.

The block beneath that one now goes one the the left, against the pipes.

By now you should have some diagonal action, and the board should look like this


----------G----G X
--X--X ----X--- X

From here, move the middle rightmost X (under the rightmost G) to the right one space.

Now, move it back to where it was. It should be back to the diagram I just posted, but you will seem to be trapped on the right side of it.

Move the top X in this area down 1.
Move the G one to the left.
Now, walk down and around a push the one X block up one, so you will have three green blocks in a row.

Push the middle green up two spaces and into the nook across from the exit.

From here, it is a matter of not blocking off any of your pieces as you get them to the exit.

I didn't have a problem following these written directions, once you see how to move them. Of course the spacing is a bit off but I hope if you have played the puzzle you will understand it. Then perhaps someone with a caption device can do a video of it.

01-03-2010, 10:40 AM
Thanks for the Puzzle #47 solution. Worked a treat! I since found a video on youtube, as well as one for Puzzle #42.

Puzzle 42

YouTube - Polar Panic Puzzle 42 solution

Puzzle 47

YouTube- Polar Panic Puzzle 47 solution

01-03-2010, 02:12 PM
Puzzle #44 solution:

This will give a C rating with 97 moves, but who cares its job done. The "AA" cheevo should have been nailed in the first 15 puzzles anyway!

These are the directions and number of spaces the bear must move from the start position. It includes block moves as well.

R2,D3,R1,D1,R1,D1,R4,U4,D4,L2,U4,L3,R3,D4,L2,U1,L2 ,U3,R4,D4,R2,U4,L3,R1,
D1,R1,L1,D3,R2,U2,L1,R1,D2,L2,U3,R1,U1,L1,R1,D3,L1 ,D1,L2,U1,L2,U3,R1,D1,
R1,L1,U2,R2,D1,U1,L2,D2,R1,U1,R2,D1,L2,R2,D3,L2,U2 ,R1,D1 - switch open

U1,L3,D1,R1,R2,U3,R2,D1,L2,D2,R2 - 1st bridge complete

R5,U2,R1,U1,R2,D4,R1,U1,R1,U2,L1,D1,L4,D1,R1,D1,R3 ,U1,R1,U2,L1 - 2nd bridge complete

L1,U2,R1,D1 - spare ice block should now be in bottom right corner

D2,L4,D1,L5,U3,R1,D2,U1,R6,L9,U1,L1,D1,U1,L2,D1,R1 1,D2,L3,U1,R4,L4,D1,
L2,U2,R4,L7,D2,R7,U1,R2,D2,L1,U1,L1,U1,R1,L3,D1,L5 ,U2,R1,D1,L1,D1,R8,
D1,R2,U1,L1,D1,L1,U1,L10,U2,R1,D1,L1,D1,R10,D1,R3, U1 - exit open and finish!

Hope this works out for you. I've tested it a couple of times so it should work. Let me know if you want anymore doing while we wait for some more videos to appear.

01-11-2010, 02:57 AM
here's how to get A's on level 47:



01-18-2010, 01:25 AM
here's a bunch of solution vids:


01-27-2010, 11:41 PM
I could do with some directions on 39 and 41, those have driven me insane :(

Thanks in advance