View Full Version : All Achievements with this Help!

01-02-2010, 06:35 PM
If you need certain achievements that are hard for you to obtain, such as
Kickoff Return, Punt Returns, Interecptions, Hold to 100 or less, etc. Then just follow this.

1.Go to view/edit rosters in the main menu option
2.Go down to SAN JOSE STATE as they are horrible already, lol.
3.Now where it shows each players Overall, go to the column where it shows Speed and knock each players stat to 0, also do it for Strength.
When I mean each player I only mean the most of the defense, and the offense such as QB, WR, HB, and TE. You should know most of the defense which makes it easy.
4. Now for the Qb make sure his accuracy is the same, because we still want him passing to his reciever, only his reciever is to slow to catch it.
5. As you do this, save, etc. etc.
6. Now play as any team, I prefer OSU as they're number 1, agaisnt SJSU, which is the team you just edited.
7. When you play the game you will notice the players take a long time reaching the kickoff, punt, etc. becaus they're slow, this will help you in every catagory of offense and defense.
8. Defense you will eventually intercept the ball for a touchdown, return a fumble, and will hold the opposing team to 200-100 yards or less.
9. For punts and kickoff returns, it will be simple because they run so slow.
10. For Offense, if you choose to get the 100-200 yards or less, you can literally do circles around the defense for every quarter without them getting the ball, except for halftime or the beginning of the game.
11. Easy Achievements, and they do indeed work.