View Full Version : The cpu keeps subbing my pitcher!!!

03-03-2007, 07:55 AM
Everytime I get to 12 to 13 strikeouts the cpu subs my pitcher. Is there an option to turn this off. Its so frustrating

Shaaady Souljah
03-03-2007, 08:40 PM
yeah. you need to go into the options and make all subbing and managing manual.

also, if it is the same as last year, if your manager gets booted from the game you lose control of subbing options and the computer takes over.

03-18-2007, 08:32 PM
Ya that happened to me too, I had 14 K's and my pitcher got subed in the last inning. I was gonna get 4 achievements in one game until that happened. I also didnt get the 20 run achievement until i scored my 21st run. Oh well I guess 1 more game wont kill me.