View Full Version : Can't find Fury's Embrace

01-07-2010, 02:02 PM
The guide mentions:

Fury's Embrace:
Requirements: Voidwalker
Location: The Black Throne After you first encounter Azrael, the first area you go to which requires some pit-swinging to reach, once you get the voidwalker and leave that room, you then encounter your first voidwalker puzzle[that requires tossing a bomb into a portal to break some red-crystals]. Beyond the red crystals is a room with no floor that uses triggers for the floating path-blocks. As you cross, to your left is a small room with a voidwalker surface. Shoot a portal up there then fall. Then backtrack a little to the portal on the sliding-section and jump through it. You'll land in that floorless room in front of another trigger that will create a path to the chest that contains...

But i'm afraid i can't find the damn thing, im not even sure where the area is ~_~

Could someone please tell me where to go from the center room where the angel was/is being held ?