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Filter x360a
01-08-2010, 01:16 AM
Here's a guide I put together for the game boxes in case anyone needs them. There are only a few that are tricky, but here ya go....

Level 1

Once you go inside the boat from the deck shoot the guy on the right for game 1.
You will enter the “casino” area (which is also the first time you see enemies repel from the ceiling on rope) and just as you are about to advance up the ramp shoot the guys coming from behind. One will drop your second game piece.
The second time you go to an area where you need to break pipes to make the creates float. You'll enter on a ramp and a guy to the right and below you will be throwing grenades. Take him out and wait for the other to come in behind you. The second guy will have your third game piece.

Level 2

Once you pass the area where you jump on 3 boxes surrounded by sharks and get to land, the first game piece is in the first box in front of you.
After you cross the wooden floor with the trap doors, jump up the two stairs. Game piece 2 is in the second wooden bos in front of you.
After you see the next fish jump out of the water you'll start heading down by jumping between wooden platforms. Once you are on the second one you'll see a guy in a blue coat crouching on top of a box Kill him, game piece 3 is inside this box.

Level 3

Once you get on the second lift go down to the third level. It will be in a crate on your left side.
Once you enter the colorful “Mirror Edge” section you'll get on a red lift that only goes down. Take this and destroy the crate at the bottom to your left. You now have piece number 2.
You will come to a section where you have to jump across 2 mud pits back to back (Is that really mud? Hmmm...) Once you clear the second one game piece number 3 is in a box right in front of you.

Level 4

The first piece is right at the start. Go out side and walk up the ramp. It will be right in front of you, can't miss it.
Once you exit the DTL building you'll see 3 tube like in Super Mario Brothers. Push down on the second tube to get game piece number 2.
Just after number 2 you'll have to start breaking bricks to head down. You'll see one questions mark block isolated by itself. Destroy the bricks but leave one for you to jump on so you can get to the question mark. Piece number 3 is inside.

Level 5

As you start you will pass through the archway. Look on the platform just above you and smash the crate. Game piece 1 is inside.
Once you pass the first section with the electric eel, jump up on the ledge. There will be a crate right above you. Smash it then jump up and grab piece number 2.
When you enter the second dojo continue up the ramp then you should be able to jump down to a second level. There is a crate right under you. Smash this for piece number 3.

Filter x360a
01-08-2010, 01:16 AM
Level 6

When you start head up the ramp until you see the red phone booth in the background and then jump down the hole in stead of jumping across. Destroy the crate in front of you for piece number 1.
Continue along this path until the end when you jump down to the snow for the second time. You'll see a large crate right in front of you. Piece number 2 is in here.
Once you are inside the building and you turn your flashlight on, you are in the right area. Head right on the screen until you reach a stair case heading down. After the first light you see a crate behind a solid box to your left. Smash it and get piece number 3.

Level 7

Second section of the rocket. Jump up to the third ledge on you left. Break the box and grab piece number 1.

As soon as you enter the fourth section break the bos to your right for piece number 2.

Also in section 4. Just before you exit kill the guy on the 3rd ledge (on your right) and gran the last piece for this level.

Level 8

Just as you start destroy both of the choppers above you. One of them will drop piece number 1.

Continue going right until you climb up a large ramp. Kill the guy at the top leaning against the wall and nab piece number 2.

Much later on you will to a part where a door opens and 3 monsters with hammers for hands come out. Right after this there is a box on the ground up against the platform. Smash this for your final game piece and a nice achievement.

Thanks! if anyone has anything to add or better descriptions, post below. Cheers!

Wolf X
01-08-2010, 10:05 PM
A small tip for anyone going for these: You can tell which ones your missing by going to the collectibles menu. Each of the 8 box art pictures represent one of the stages in the game, the "?" covering each one can be dissected into three sections from top to bottom with each section representing one of the three collectibles in the order they are found from that boxes corresponding stage.

Roasted Justice
07-09-2014, 08:00 PM
Thanks for the help :)