View Full Version : Last life shard HELP!?

01-08-2010, 02:33 AM
I've looked around at other post about people missing 1 or 2 life shards. Im stuck int he same boat. I've gotten all the collectables so i've received the 2 from the merchant for that. Also got the 3 from the wormholes(one being a wrath). After a couple of hours backtracking trying to use Fury's Embrace, but still cant find it. I read a post somewhere that said you receive a shard for buying all the combat skills and i was wondering if anyone could confirm this. Any ideas would be helpful.

01-08-2010, 02:46 AM
Combat skills? you are talking about moves for Scythe? Tremor and Sword? I mean second and third tab - you have to buy all of these moves to get achievement 'maxed out'

If you are talking about things from fourth tab - it's wrath power - for achievement you have to buy ony 1 level of each one - but - if you want you can upgrade wrath power do level 4 - and I think this is the way to get last shard of wrath what I'm looking for - but it's too fuckin' expensive reach 4 level of each wrath power ehh...

I don't remember about health shard and buying upgrades, probably I've got for this but what I know is you can get health and wrath shards for all artifacts you've found. This game is crazy, I sleep and got nightmares about missing chests [...]