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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Intel Locations

There are 30 Intel items to find through the whole game. Some of them may be a little tricky to find so hopefully this guide will be useful to anyone who is lost.

You will earn the following achievements while following this guide:

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/377/UPtnC5M=.jpgLook Sharp - 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/g-icon.gif
Find 15 enemy intel items.

http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/377/+IDx0Q==.jpgEyes and Ears - 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/misc/g-icon.gif
Find 30 enemy intel items.


Crew Expendable

1. Follow your crew through the ship until you come across a drunken soldier fumbling out of his room. In this room there are two sleeping terrorists and the enemy intel.

2. If you follow your AI team-mates they will eventually throw a flashbang in the cargo hold. To the right of the entrance are stairs which will lead you to the enemy intel lying on the floor.




1. At the beginning of the mission you'll see a terrorist standing on a dock. On the left of the dock is a little house on the prairie, and inside this house is the the enemy intel.

2. This intel is in the house that gets it's power cut. After coming upstairs and shooting the terrorist through the door, the intel will be on the left of this door infront of the toilet.

Charlie Don't Surf

1. Upon entering the first building you will need to head-downstairs. There are various tables with varius weaponry on them and straight ahead of the entrance on the left, is a small room with the intel inside.

2. This piece of intel is right before fighting the terrorist infested car. Before you head onto the road you will need to take a right into a building, which is often used as a sniper spot in multiplayer. The intel is in the corner of this building.

3. When you are crossing the road after defeating the terrorist infested car you will see terrorists shooting at you beside a water-tank on the top of a building. If you keep going straight ahead you will come across the stairs to this building, among these terrorists is a piece of enemy intel.

The Bog

1. After entering the first building you will need to turn on night vision mode to see anything. On the second floor Pvt.Pierce will break into a room with one terrorist inside, the intel is in the corner of this room.

2. After using the Javelin to take out the tanks you will need to follow your AI teammates. Eventually you should turn at an upright fringe. The intel is behind some boxes.

The Hunted

1. After entering the house and evading the helicopter you will be flashbanged. Straight ahead of you is a soda machine, in the building beside the soda machine is the enemy intel. It should be sitting on a table in the light.

2. You should progress through two greenhouses. Upon leaving the second greenhouse, the enemy intel is on the left. You will need to pass through the destroyed building and onto the otherside to see the intel on the table.

War Pig

1. Once the tank turns around a corner and you enter the town used for the crossfire map. The intel will be on the left, upstairs in a dry cleaning shop. It will be on your second right laying on a bed.

2. This intel is straight across the street from the previous one. There are various terrorists shooting outside the second floor and there is an AK47 imprinted on the wall. Upstairs, beside the TV is the intel.

3. You should eventually come to a small alleyway lined with cars. At the end of this alleyway is a building lined with terrorists. You will need to enter this building. Once you are in the building head upstairs, the enemy intel is at the end of the hallway laying on a bed.

Shock and Awe

1. This piece of enemy intel can be found as soon as you meet your allies or the Advanced Recon Group. The enemy intel will be in the corner of the room beside two blue barrels.

2. Drop down from this building and take a right at the big red container. Head into the building straight ahead of this, the enemy intel is upstairs. The enemy intel has been hidden in the closet of this room.



1. The enemy intel will be in the second building you see, excluding the church. It has a large satelite attatched to the roof and there are terrorists shooting you from the top right room. The enemy intel is upstairs, when upstairs take a hard right and the intel will be laying on a cabinet.

2. The next piece of intel is in the closest building to the water tower and the burning wreckage of a house. It's on the first floor and on one of the boots.

All Ghillied Up

1. The Captain will point out that there is an enemy lookout in the church tower. After defeating both the lookout and another terrorist, the captain will then open the door for you. Go to the end of the church and climb the ladder to collect the intel.

2. The enemy intel is with the enemy this time inside a cargo maze. The Captain should tell you about an enemy patrol on the right, so sneek through the blue cargo container and there should be four or five terrorists gaurding it. Simply kill them and take the intel of the blue barrels.

3. After you sneak under the various trucks and sprint away from them you should come across a sniper on a fire escape. Elimate him and run to his position, the intel should be at the top of the fire escape.

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One Shot One Kill

1. After downing the enemy chopper, you need to carry you need to carry the Captain to the extraction point. Proceed through the appartments fighting off the terrorists and dogs inside. Upon leaving the building, put the Captain down and take a hard right. Climb up the fire escape to the very top to get the enemy intel.

2. Put the Captain in the highlighted spot provided and wait for enemies to arrive. Fight them all off until helicopters descend. Once the helicopters arrive a large double-door will open on the right side of the area. If the door is not open then head left from the door and fight enemies until a terrorist shoots you in the back. That signifies the enemies spawning, and the door should now be open.

Sins of the Father

1. Elimate all the terrorists inside the dinner and look for the booths on the left. The intel should be on top of one of the tables.

Warning: Be sure to pick up the intel before the uniform change. You will NOT be able to pick up the intel afterwards.

2. Chase Zakheav's son until you arrive at a small parking area. You can head left that is signified by a red barrel or you can take a right that is signified by a green car. Take a right at the fork and head up the stairs. There will be two terrorists in here.



1. After destroying the russians means of power, you should follow your AI through the breach in the railing. You will need to pass through a garage to reach the base's courtyard. Opposite your position is a building that should be flowing with enemies, inside is the enemy intel. Upon eliminating the enemies you should take a right into the furthest part of the building.

All In

1. After destroying your first BMP, you should come to a railing that need's to be passed. Behind the building to the right of this railing is a small allyway that contains a red cargo container and the enemy intel.

2. Go through the railing and head towards the BMP ahead of you. To the right of the BMP is a building that contains the enemy intel. It should be laying on the floor on your right.

No Fighting in the War Room

1. Drop down from the ventelation ducts and follow Price; you should eventually enter a dark corridor that gives you the option of going left or right. Go left to enter a small meeting room that contains the enemy intel.

2. You should breach the wall to get into the control room, take a hard left and progress up the stairs. After eliminating all possible enemies simply the small route to the left which will lead you to another meeting room that contains the enemy intel.

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Why are you just making this??

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