View Full Version : Coop Achievement Tips

01-14-2010, 11:40 AM
While boosting the Two Brains Are Better Than One Achievement my partner and me experienced a few issues with the online aspect of this game.

We found the game seeems to desync and word entries made by my partner would appear incomplete with a few missing letters on my screen but complete on his screen. The game would end with him getting the Congratulations screen and points, whereas mine would just finish as incomplete, not reward the points and not mark the puzzle as completed.

If anyone else gets this, to avoid leave one word alone til the end (we picked bottom right across). Ensure that before you fill in this final word that on both players screens missing letters are filled in and everything is complete. Both players this way will be both guaranteed the points and puzzle completion! So mics are essential.

Not sure why it does this, we both had chatpads. Maybe the game can't keep up with the speed of word entry this way, or a shitty server, or shitty line speed at one end. Anyway this tip gets around being cheated of points for this mind numbing achievement! ;)