View Full Version : "Hello (x360a) world"

01-17-2010, 07:09 AM
Hello to all fellow gamers ;)

I've been using the site for nearly a year (it's kinda imposible to get a 1000 in Tales of Vesperia without a guide lol) and finally decided to join.
Even though im a Nintendo fan i ended up buying a 360 instead of a Wii, since Resident Evil 5 looked freaking good, but I might get one when the next Zelda comes out. At first I wasn't so into the achievements, but eventually got into them since it makes the games more fun. I enjoy a variety of games and i've played mainstream stuff like Halo, though not as many as most 360 owners, to quirky stuff like touhou and ouendan (where the HELL is the third one anyway...)
When Im not gaming i'm studying math (I SHIT YOU NOT!!), although most of the time calculus problems push me to my "limits" and end up going to back to games lol

tl;dr wats up! im new here blah blah blah lol

looking forward to meet like-minded gamers here :drunk