View Full Version : Card Collecting Advice?

01-22-2010, 04:52 PM
I just got this game today and ready to take on the card collecting challenge right away. Does anyone have any advice besides using online card trading?

I read how to get easy money, but are all cards available for purchase from the start or do they randomly appear in a shop after certain events? I haven't actually played this game yet but wanted to get my head ready for these time consuming achievements.

lord e66ex
01-25-2010, 12:09 PM
I got this the other day aswell. Was only 98p, knew i wouldnt get the 1000G before the shutdown, but what the hell huh ?.

Basically I think buying the packs is the only way of getting cards you want as the trading area is pretty dead. I would be interested to know the best way of getting as many credits as possible though :).

also would you like to boost before the 2/2/10 as I got to get a win online.

01-25-2010, 05:20 PM
Unfortunately online trading is the most important aspect of completing the Collectors Album. Buying packs yield you cards, but out of a 10 card pack you might get 4 or 5 players, and they are completely random. You often get game boost cards and other garbage that is not useful towards finishing the album. Once you get down to only a few cards, you will be opening hundreds of thousands of packs to find only a few cards. Starting now on the album you have really put yourself in a bad position.

This achievement takes 200-300 hours if you have a robust amount of cards on the trade pile. With the trade pile shutting down in a week, I'd estimate it will take 400-500 hours and possibly more to complete the album.

Here is the strategy I used to complete the album:

1. Create a new ultimate team, add all the players to your album and save it. Delete your ultimate team and create a new one, add all the players to the album again. Keep repeating this over and over as you will probably be able to get 90% of the bronze cards filled out this way. This gives you a HUGE head-start on the collectors album.

2. Once you have most of the bronze cards begin a real ultimate team. Play all the way through the 5 levels so you get a golden ticket. You will amass some good cards and credits this way. I would stay away from packs at this point as you get too many "boost" cards which are worthless. Search the trade piles and buy silver players for the minimum (100 credits) and gold players (200 minimum). Use them on your team and then add them to the album when they have 1 game remaining on their contract.

3. As you get extra credits start searching the trade piles for all the other collectibles (balls/stadiums/boots/players). Buy anything cheap you don't have.

4. You now have to grind out as many credits as possible. I suggest editing a team to make all their players the lowest rating. Change their formation so all players are forward and on the wings except keep one defender back. Setup a Kick off game, full 20 min, world class level and have the edited team home and pick a good team as away. Man U, Inter Milan, etc. are good choices. Put your controller in the middle and let the CPU play itself. After 25 minutes come back and start the 2nd half. 25 minutes later come back when there is only a couple minutes left and switch your controller to the Away side. It says that you will not get credit for the match, but you do. This will net you around 1500-2500 credits per hour. I know some people say to actually play the games to get more credits, but this game is going to take 200+ hours and probably 200,000-300,000 credits to get the full 1000 in this game so this lets you free to do other things, you only have to come back every so often to start up the next half, finish off the game and setup a new one.

5. All the while you will need to constantly be checking trade piles to fill holes in your album. There aren't as many people playing and posting cards for this game, but there are still a good amount of cards that go out each day. Most Balls sell for 3,000-5,000 credits each. Hard to find kits are 1,000-2,000 each. At some point you will probably have to bite the bullet and start spending a lot of credits to fill in these holes. This is the most time consuming part as you need a lot of credits and need to search the trade piles constantly.

5. Once you get down to your last 100-200 cards you can grind out the last bit by taking advantage of way you buy packs. You can buy a pack of cards, see what you get and then chose not to save. Buy another pack and repeat. Only save if you find cards you need. Every 5 or so packs you will want to back out and reload your save. That way you get your credits back and get to look at more packs. This part is very tedious and time consuming. You will sometimes open hundreds of packs without finding any players you need. Also the packs may start repeating after a while, so at that point you have to use your golden ticket and start up a new Champions League. Back out of the game before you play it and you will find that the packs you buy will have been reset and no longer repeat. You will still have your golden ticket so you can repeat this process.