View Full Version : Help for those that find it tough

01-27-2010, 03:21 PM
Well I had made a post about how hard I found this game. This was mostly because I did not have a second controller for the time I was playing it. Playing with a second controller helps a bunch, and getting the powerplay achievements pretty much require it. That being said here are some of the things I found in playing this game that helped a LOT.

1. Set the lineups so they are all exactly the same on you team. For example put the same 3 people in all 4 of your offensive lines.
2. Edit the rosters of your team. Pick the players you set up on your lines, and maximize all of their stats.
3. Use dynasty simming to get achievements for you. For example, getting the shutout, I would sim and then intervene in the 3rd period if I had a shutout up to that point. Once the game finishes you will get the achievement. Works for goal scoring as well, even if you did not score the goal yourself. As long as you intervene and the player has the stats, you will get it. You must intervene though.
4. Shootout. This one troubled me for a long time. People said to go in circles until the goalie dove. I tried this and it would still get saved. I found the secret. Go in circles until the goalie is on his knees going from side to side. Eventually the goalie will stick his glove out. Shoot when he sticks the glove out.