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01-28-2010, 12:18 AM
Since the servers are almost down, I wanted to post a method I just found out how to do today that allows you to spend your credits on packs and let you get the credits back. It has happened to me before but I could not figure out how to force it. If this method has been mentioned before, I apologize.

Before you begin Autosave must be off.

1. Go to trade status screen. Claim all your trades that have been accepted.
2. Remove a card from your trade list that you have up. Do not save it when it asks you to.
3. Go back to My UEFA CL > Save/Load/Delete > Load Settings > choose your settings and click proceed.
4. Go back to Ultimate Team and into trade status. Make sure you get the message that says your credits and collection do not match up. Click cancel and no to saving.
5. Buy all the packs you want with your credits. You will need to use the golden tcket method to get new packs everytime you come back to this step. To keep the cards you need to save after you discard the remaining cards.
6. When finished with your packs, go back to trade status and sync up with the server. You should get back all the credits that you had when you removed the card from trade. Yes to save both times.
7. Back to step 1.

This is not really a fun way but it has helped me get my list down to under 50 cards needed. I have over 16000 credits so each time I do this I open 16 gold packs in a row hoping to get the few remaining kits and balls i need.

This method is only to add cards to your album. Any card you add to your ultimate team or trade pile will disappear when you sync with the server.

02-03-2010, 01:21 PM
I wish I had found this earlier. It worked great ... for about an hour before the servers were shut down.