View Full Version : Undeefeated

03-08-2007, 02:28 AM
Ok i am having a problem with unlocking the achievement Undefeated. I have simulated some matches and played some matches. I am sure i have played and remained undefeated for over 50 games as i won Undefeated manager but i still haven't unlocked Undefeated.

Fartmaster UEO
03-08-2007, 12:27 PM
well u didnt need to start a thred for this but for the undefeated you actually have to play all 50 games just the same for the 60 game winning streak

The Anderlation
03-13-2007, 01:35 PM
Yeah you can't sim to get those achievements. Unfortunetly :rolleyes:

The only one you can is the undefeated manager one. That is one cool point!:drunk

But getting 1000/1000 isn't hard, just tests your patience!:uzi: