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03-08-2007, 10:57 AM
Name: UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 (http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/u/uefachampionsleague06-07/default.htm) Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Xbox Live Gold members in all regions
Dash Details: Collect and trade your way to UEFA Champions League glory using the new unique card collecting and trading mode to create your ultimate fantasy team!
Size: 1.32 MB (approx)

Official link here (http://www.majornelson.com/archive/2007/03/08/demo-uefa-champions-league-2006-2007.aspx).

03-10-2007, 03:26 PM
It seems like a sloppier version of FIFA 07.

Oh, and it's 1.3gb, not mb.

S The Gangsta
03-11-2007, 02:03 PM
has any1 pulled off any tricks in the demo or there aint none?