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01-31-2010, 11:06 PM
hey i'm new here so sorry if i mis-placed this feel free to laugh at me then have it moved.

I just joined the site today and you can assume why, and congrads to all us for doing this! my problem is i am still missing the 2 of the 4 online only achievements; play 2 vs 2 online, so if any one would be willing to just play 2 vs 2 game on line with me it would be appreciated, sadly i'm all alone at home today and i'm pretty sure the 2 players have to be on the same xbox, so if someone want to just go into a quick game, and just let the time run out i'd be more than happy, unless i am wrong and we can just do a 2v2 with me and three others online that would be fun too, just not sure if that's doable.

the other i'm missing is challenge someone to a ranked game, but i think i can do that pretty quickly, so long as my connection doesn't cut.

well either despond and let me know, or just invite me and my "guest" to a game, my tag is Boxless Thought


scousers on tour
01-31-2010, 11:12 PM
you should try here


or go online as there will be still be peeps trying to get it and talk to them