View Full Version : As of 2/2/10 the Servers ARE still up

02-02-2010, 09:43 PM
To anyone who is interested in finishing this game I'd thought I'd let everyone know the Servers for this game are still up. I finished all my online achievements today with my friend Anji.

The best way to go after your Ranked wins is to simply use the 'elevator insta-kill' on the penthouse level. Choose the song "Back then" by Mike Jones and "Kryptonite" for the second player as they have the quickest beats that allow the elevator to open quickly. The elevator will open after it has been struck and a hard bass beat is hit. When it is open simply throw your opponent down by pressing the RS up twice. Should you miss the window of opportunity, simply hold LT and rotate the LS and when he raises his other hand rotate RS to change songs.

The total boost time for two people is roughly 7 hours as you can average 2 wins every minute using the elevator method and utilizing the rematch function. We tried the quitting out method but loading screens negate the value in this, so again its better to just get a rhythm going on that level.

During this boost I'd also recommend going after your background kills on the other levels as this game can be quite brutal on Hard. If you do choose to do this I'd suggest you go to the main menu and in the options turn your HUD on. This way you can wear down your opponent before he stands next to the environmental danger. Once wore down and standing next to the environmental danger, the person going for the achievement should Hold down LT and rotate the RS to 'scratch the record" and activate the environment killing your opponent and earning you the achievement.

Hope this information is of use to someone.


02-10-2010, 11:55 AM
Paul Walls sides ways has a really fast bass line too.

The fastest way to do the Executive level is to let the player being thrown walk to the elevator first, so he is able to face it and it break. Then the player winning can just walk in, time his grab(up on the right stick) and throw(right on the right stick).

Should take 10 seconds to win, 19 to load match.