View Full Version : If you can't find the target, it's because there isn't one... yet

Mike Conno
02-08-2010, 01:53 PM
One thing I've noticed about some Free Play targets, some of them only appear during or after a particular mission.

Here is one case I came across (around 50% game complete):

I was cleaning up the Picardie area of targets, when I got to a village near a train station (its the one North of the Castle where you find the Armed Bauer). After destroying a few searchlights and a fuel station, there were still at least 3-4 targets on my map but nothing to be seen on those locations. No jumps, collectibles, viewing spots, nothing.

After the mission where you

kidnap the scientist from the train
a few towers and a tank appeared on those locations and I was able to destroy them at that time.

So, it seems the game reserved those targets to be there on that mission so they were able to shoot at you at that time. This is the case with some areas that should not be available too soon.

Has anyone found more cases like this?