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02-11-2010, 06:32 AM

I've been on the site for a few weeks now but haven't really introduced myself. I live down in GA and am a full time college student and a temp. worker when I'm home. While I do want to shoot for a high gamerscore, I am more about 100% every game I play then getting as many points as possible. Not much more to say about me that's interestin', so that's about all you need to know.

P.S. If you're wondering what my gamertag is, it stands for Point Place, Wisconsion. Point Place, Wisconsion is a fictional town in a great show called That 70's Show that I own every season of.

02-11-2010, 10:08 AM
Hello and welcome to x360a, hope you enjoy your stay with us.
Not hooked on getting all the cheevos yet then. :p