View Full Version : spoiler: the ending and some thoughts

02-11-2010, 04:23 PM
Okay for those who havent finish yet, just an fyi first. once you meet SK to take the plane to find the kessler, you on on route to finish the game, there are no outs until the end. i was just surprised by it cause i was only at 90%. i thought you had to finish the gray missions too.

anyhow to the ending. I love that all it was, was shoot dierker. no major battle, no chase, just pop with a gun you were carrying. quick and easy.

one nit? when dierker turned and pulled the trigger, there is no way devlin knew he hidnt have any more bullets. he should of dived out the way. i know, over thinking.

over all i would rather play ac2 again than this game, but it was an okay game.

there are too many free replay missions, they need to cut them down. yes you get your moneys worth if you purchased the game, but after awhile it become repetitious. cut the post cards and jumps. blowing stuff up at least make sense to the game, but even then it is just too much. hot all these things shoud be a white dots, there r so many to do would it of killed them to give us a different color for each "mission"?

making it so that there is only one way to get to something is a pain. really stairs to no where? either he can climb or he cant. having to follow a pre defined "path" is dumb.

oh last thing. why were most mission given on the other side of the map? the song were nice, but over and over again?

now to get me a couple of more chieves. . .