View Full Version : Understanding the Save System (precisions to the Guide)

02-21-2010, 05:57 PM
Ok, we all know that for some bizarre reason there is no auto-save. However, the guide does not explain some other details of the save system that are important in understanding how to get certain achievements. I am sure many people worked this out, but I wanted to explain it for those who have reported that certain achievements are 'glitched'.

Counts of various events are NOT kept in the save file. The important ones being:

- number of uses of infernal power
- number of enemies you retrieved energy from
- number of mana and health boosters found
- number of rocket launcher uses
- gas traps triggered on the plane

All of these are tracked, but the information is lost whenever you quit out of the game. If you die, move on to a new mission, or reload a save that is OK, the information will be kept. But if you quit to the dashboard or shut off your 360 then say bye-bye to your cumulative count data. What this means is that you must get all of the cumulative achievements in a single session.

This also means that you will not get the Precision achievement by just loading a save from within the game if you trigger a trap (as the guide suggests). You must quit out to the dashboard first. If you just load a save from within the game it will still "remember" that you triggered a trap and you will not get the achievement.

None of these achievements are that hard, but if you play only an hour or so at a time you may be wondering why the heck your achievements didn't pop. Now you know. I suggest getting the 100 infernal power uses in chapter 1 (just fire off a few extra every time your meter is full). The 100 energy retrieved takes the longest so I would do this in chapter 2, and near the end if you didnt get it yet just kill 3 or 4 enemies quickly, save, retrieve energy on them, reload save, repeat till done. There are also plenty of mana and health boosters in chapter 2.

02-22-2010, 01:57 AM
It's very nice of you to point that out. Great job!