View Full Version : Problem with mission Rolling Thunder

02-22-2010, 02:30 AM
Hey guys.

This is kind of an annoying problem cause it pretends me completing this mission.
After placing the demo charges I'm going back to Skylar but she isn't there in person, just the marker.
When I drive awayin the car the mission fails because I abandoned Skylar.
After reloading the last checkpoint, Skylar is there in person and I can make my way to Wilcox, but when arriving at the train station, Wilcox isn't there, nowhere to find, there is also no objective or marker on the map.
I've seen a walkthrough video that shows that he should be just next to me stand close to a building but he isn't there.
Reloading checkpoints doesn't help, he just don't show up.

Any help for this ?