View Full Version : Vlad on hard boiled

02-24-2010, 11:59 PM
Im working my way through the game on hard boiled at the minute and I came across an really easy way to beat Vlad on your first attempt ( this may already be known not sure).

What I did was immediately make a run towards the helicopter and pick up the two paper cranes on the bottom floor. Its easy to not get hit here by the helicopter gun fire, if you do theres a health pack very close either side.

After collecting these immediately get behind the right pillar ( if you are facing vlad ) and pick up the golden guns. Switch to the left pillar and crouch down. It doesnt matter the pillar has been nearly destroyed. Use precision aim on Vlad twice to wipe out more than half of his health. Stay in that same position and as the helicopter pans back and forth you will not be hit, nor will vlad fire at you.

When the helicopter hovers in the centre to allow Vlad to fire his rockets simply edge out carefully so the target turn red on Vlad and fire until the Helicopter pans back and forth again, Vlad won't fire his rockets he will just be a sitting duck. At this point if you need ammo its no problem snatching some ammo from the far left wall which constantly refills. Repeat this until Vlad dies. If you do it properly you will not lose any health once behind that pillar.