View Full Version : Save Data Reset?

02-26-2010, 03:39 PM
Me and my G/f were playing this game for the first time, and we were both signed into our profiles. As soon as we wanted to save, it gave the notification that 2 profiles are signed in and it is unable to save....BUT it did save...
The save slot was updated when I hit save game, and I was able to save my Musou progress and load it from where I saved it in the current map. The next morning however, there was no sign of my save file. All characters are Lv. 1 and no Musou file to be seen.
Why would this game save the file for you while the game is on, but disappear when the game is turned off? :(
Ya it warned us about it, but why does it update the save slot like normal and let us load the save slot if it is just going to disappear later?

BTW with how many Dynasty Warriors games there are, you'd think they'd think it best to let 2 people sign in and work on cheevos at the same time like most other good games do.

/rant off