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02-26-2010, 05:42 PM
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Hey all! I actually wrote this for the PS3, so any button confusion or trophy mentioning is due to that. :)

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 (My personal estimate)
-Offline trophies: 12
-Online: 0
-Approximate Time: 15 Hours
-Minimum Playthroughs: 4
-Missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes

Welcome to Fret Nice! A fun, quirky platformer that can be controlled with a Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitar! This game, while not terribly long, has some VERY deep trophy requirements, requiring to complete the game at LEAST 4 times.

STEP 1: Complete the game on Normal and focus on collecting LESS THAN 20 points per stage. This can be VERY tricky. This will unlock Incognito.

STEP 2: Continue the game on NORMAL and collect all the Medals for every Level. This will be the longest part of your journey. You will be able to unlock all of the Medals except for the Medal that unlocks when completing a Level on Hard. Once you have all of the other Medals, continue to STEP 3.

STEP 3: Continue the game on HARD using a guitar controller. During this playthrough you will unlock Stabilized, The Per Lundberg Syndrome, Hard as Rock and Given to wail.

STEP 4: Clean up time. Replay a few Levels with reversed guitar controls (Left or right, depending on how you completed the game on Hard) to unlock Ambitiously ambidextrous. You can also use this time to complete some of the Combat related trophies you may be lacking such as; All powered up, Bubbler of the week, Skull and crushed bones and Firewalker.

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/26C3B5C0C8651399F05FE0EBD0C10B22E03851AD.PNG?w=120
Ready to rock
Clear the first level
Pretty simple, just complete the first stage!

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/5286957D352D83DDF2BCF908F138D3B9BEBD0CD1.PNG?w=120
Get all medals in any level
See The Per Lundberg Syndrome achievement description.

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/EC12A83B38AF5A301EB6C7D773C49F71B5AB3142.PNG?w=120
All powered up
Have all 4 power-ups at the same time
Easiest to do after you've unlocked Level 5. First, play through Level 2 and collect the Helicopter and Bubble power-ups. As soon as you get the Bubble power-up, Pause and Exit the Level. Now move to Level 5. At the start of Level 5 you'll pickup the Jet Pack power-up, fly forward a short ways and you'll come to a tower with balloons tied to it and a fireball throwing baddie. Fly straight up the right-hand side of the balloons to collect the Fire Boots power-up. DING!

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/0A2DCE399407FC9D809DD2E29756A958B355A655.PNG?w=120
Ambitiously ambidextrous
Clear at least 3 levels with all 3 controller types
Simply play through 3 Levels with wireless controller, left-handed, and right-handed guitar controls. Easiest if you enable Help Controls in the Pause menu.

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/BB37606CFA05ADFC9245D22381D721BAD86D26FC.PNG?w=120
Bubbler of the week
Get 10 enemies within the same bubble
Once you reach the first shop, purchase the Bonus 2 unlock. Once you've unlocked Bonus 2, replay Level 2 to the point of attaining the Bubble power-up. Pause, Exit, and go to Bonus 2. Use RT to release a bubble and push it around to collect some baddies!

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/C04CC9793099A6822908CABBF5E41D7D9EC322BF.PNG?w=120
Skull and crushed bones
Crush 10 skulls without touching the ground
Easiest to achieve in Bonus 2. Once you get into the thick of things, there will be LOTS of skulls to choose from. The trick is not getting hit while you bounce off the skulls. Once you've stomped 10 in a row, the trophy should unlock.

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/94F79C3A8699003D3EA67DE2C5314E58869D6BDC.PNG?w=120
Defeat 100 enemies using the Fire Boots
Easiest to do after you've unlocked Level 5. At the start of Level 5 you'll pickup the Jet Pack power-up, fly forward a short ways and you'll come to a tower with balloons tied to it and a fireball throwing baddie. Fly straight up the right-hand side of the balloons to collect the Fire Boots power-up. Pause, Exit and head to Bonus 2. Use the boots to stomp as many baddies as you can. Repeat this process until the achievement pops!

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/251298CB1B0E2AC9385CCE1CF8AB8A2900935667.PNG?w=120
Hard as Rock
Complete the game on Hard difficulty
To unlock Hard mode, you must first complete the game on Normal. Complete the game on Hard and the trophy is yours. The biggest challenge here is that you have only 2 hits per life and 2 continues. Totals at 6 hits per stage!!

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/4FD5BA6808A0A9763192C8C2E05F83BA0F3A96EA.PNG?w=120
Given to wail
Clear all levels using a guitar
This can be done via Level Select. Left or Right-handed, it's your choice. Easiest if you enable Help Controls in the Pause menu.

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/8BF03883D33C1FA96F120A1AEE1D1661B085A081.PNG?w=120
Clear each level collecting less than 20 points
Fairly tricky. You have to complete the stages with less than 20 points! Do your best to avoid any music notes and DON'T kill any baddies. This trophy will likely give you the most trouble, but replay the levels and learn the patterns of where the enemies are and how to get around the Notes.

The Per Lundberg Syndrome
Get 100% of all medals
There are 10 Medals to be collected per stage:-Level Completed (NORMAL)
-Level Completed (HARD)
-Silver Time
-Gold Time
-75% of Enemies
-100% of Enemies
-Silver Score
-Gold Score
-Hidden Enemy
-NewspaperNOTE: After you reach Shop 3 you can purchase an upgrade to reveal all the secret locations in the level maps. This will unveil Hidden Enemies and Newspapers. Also, there a few Levels with secrets which require 2 players to reach! They are: 2, 7 and 9

LEVEL 5 TIP:This stage was also giving me a hard time for getting 100% kills. It was the last medal I needed in the game, so I kept at it.

Finally, I was able to figure it out.

Aside from the enemies that appear on the screen as you regularly progress through the stage (which should total 92%), there are two secret enemy spawns in the stage.

They are both located around the same area. The area of interest is the super tall building about 75% of the way through the level. If you scale the building on the left, four enemies will come from above and quickly fly back up and off the screen unless you kill them quickly.

After this, go to the other side of the tower. You will notice that there is a solitary music note by a window (this shows up as a secret on the map if you have purchased the GPS from store 3). Pick up this note and quickly fly over to the right. You will encounter 3 enemies who won't show up unless you get the note. You have to kill them immediately, or they will fly into the tower and destroy themselves.

Hope this helps everyone out.

Fun game BTW.

http://assets.np.us.playstation.com/trophy/np/NPWR01027_00_6CC02C8DCF4C68B93CEE35A9CB4E22DA95053 03E/5934186C4F3171A997A664F486033725CD2F7BB6.PNG?w=120
Best Friends Forever
Revive another player 10 times in co-op.
This is cumulative! When a player dies in co-op you can mash Square to send a bubble of life through your connecting cable. Do this 10 times!

05-04-2010, 07:33 PM
Hi. is it still a work in progress, or complete already? And do you still consider a 4/10? I have a chance to trade this in real cheap, so I'm considering it - would like to know if I can complete this easily beforehand though (because I don't want a hard game that's not even rated good)..

also, is a guitar controller for Ambitiously ambidextrous even required? I don't really understand that achievement. If a guitar controller is required, I won't get this game.

09-27-2010, 12:06 PM
Im afraid you need a guitar to get 200/200. But its still a good game if you get past the first 30 min of learning the controls.

12-24-2011, 10:48 AM
If a guitar is required, then switchfreak83 should write it in the roadmap, because not everyone has a guitar