View Full Version : 2 times 2 coin glitches

02-28-2010, 10:05 PM
Does this game not want me to collect 525 charms? I dont know what it is but I played through twice the first time one did not appear in deserted kitchen after I know I got the two you must get in missions, now one coin will not appear in the sewers. Each time its the last area I start collecting the coins in and each time the last coin does not appear. It doesnt make any sense that each time the last coin in the last area I started collecting doesnt show up. This is the most frustratingly unfun game ive encountered in a long time. Can someone explain how this is supposed to be a kids game?

Between the horrible camera, the random deaths, the non registering button pushes, the dissappearing charms, the lack of replaying a mission. Unbelieveable that disney-pixar would sign off on this piece of crap.

I dont know if it is possible but can anyone tell me if maybe the game doesnt count charms collected if you collect them too fast? Like the sewers behins the waterfall when there is about 10 coins could it not register 1? This is a terrible game that I would not reccommend to anyone. Its a shame because some of the gameplay isnt horrible but any game with as many bugs as this one should not be allowed to be released especially when its designed towards kids, the run, remy, run missions are ridiculous because of the horrible camera angle, and the conveyor contrapion mission is stupid for the one jump. Its a kids game you should not have to play perfectly to beat it.

I dont know if anyone knows but are there glitches that prevent you from getting the coins? Or can my game just hate me that much that is doesnt allow the last coin to appear.