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I don't mean to be disrespectful but I found the achievement guide for this game to be of somewhat questionable quality, I did not use this guide to get my gamerscore on this game and had most of the help from a friend. Although a lot of the stuff in the guide is correct and does make sense, the descriptions for the more complex achievements don't appear to be very well written and there's a lack of strategy on how to accomplish the more complex achievements and more of a just "description" on how to get them. The description for the girlfriend achievement hasn't helped me personally, and I still can't get it despite maxing my style and filling all requests out on 2 playthroughs. I don't have 1,000 yet on this but im coming close with just 2 achievements left to do and soon I'll be posting up a hopefully, more comprehensive guide for this game, which it does deserve. Seeing an achievement guide without pictures and badly written information is enough to put off an achievement hunter and it did put me off playing this game for ages, luckily my friend came along and helped clarify a lot of stuff for me though. Again, I hope I haven't offended anybody but I feel the achievement guide for this game could do with a massive overhaul. Although not finished, here's a sneak peek at what I've done so far:

Brother's Store - 50G
Be Dr. Chang and protect your brother's convenience store during a solo match.
This achievement can be attained with a cheat, see below.

You usually unlock Dr. Chang when you get near to the end of the game as you don't meet him until then HOWEVER there is a very easy way to unlock this achievement which makes it obtainable straight off the bat and it comes in the form of a cheat.

When you're at the title screen (which says Press Start) before you "Press Start" on your xbox 360 controller hit the following 3 buttons in the order given here: D-Pad down, Y, D-Pad right. Now you will recieve no notification, but this will unlock Dr. Chang for use in Throwdown mode. Now press that start button, going into Throwdown mode and choose Dr. Chang, he might not appear to be in alphabetical order with all the other rappers so keep scrolling left until you get to unlocked players. You should see Dr. Chang there.

Skip this paragraph if you see Dr.Chang, otherwise keep reading.
If you dont see Dr. Chang exit to the dashboard and load the game up again and try using the cheat with the left stick instead of the d-pad, so you want LS down, Y, LS right. I used the D-pad for this but a friend of mine said he used the LS for the cheat, maybe they both work, just remember he doesn't appear in alphabetical order with the rest of the rappers, keep scrolling to the left to see additional unlocked players and you should see him there.

Once you have selected Dr Chang choose the Gas Station level and stay all the way to the right of the level where the car wash brush is (away from the shop which is all the way on the left as this is what you need to "protect" for the achievement) beat your opponent and you will win the achievement, a nice, easy 50g.

Extra Tip: If you really suck at this game or it's your first time playing and you can't defeat an opponent go into your options/settings in the main menu and put the difficulty down to easy, this will help you considerably. As for fighting strategy you can use directional attacks to make the enemy stumble (directional attacks performed by rotating the right-stick) and then you can grab them and throw them into the gas station or the car wash brush, just whatever you do dont get too close to the gas station on the left as if either of you hits it you will break the glass and won't get the achievement as you failed to "protect" his brothers store.

Get Your Mode On - 20G
Ranked: Achieve 50 online wins
WARNING: After 16/03/2010 this achievement is no longer attainable!

See "Ornery Bastard".

Rollin - 50G
Ranked: Achieve 100 online wins
WARNING: After 16/03/2010 this achievement is no longer attainable!

See "Ornery Bastard".

Ornery Bastard - 100G
Ranked: Achieve 200 online wins
WARNING: After 16/03/2010 this achievement is no longer attainable!

You're going to want to boost this, no question about it. You could find a partner and quit games out in turns but there is a faster way. What you and your boosting partner want to do is choose the executive suite level. In this level in the eastern most corner is an elevator. If you attack it or throw somebody at it it will become unstable and turn into an environmental hazard. Now what you and your partner want to do, taking it in turns, is wait for the lift to open and throw the other person into the lift. This will automatically kill them and you can both press the rematch button to start again completely avoiding any loading screens and saving precious time, rinse and repeat. Once you get used to the controls and understand what to do you can complete each match in about 20 seconds.

Extra Tip: To throw a person into the elevator you need to tap the right stick upwards while facing the enemy, this will make your character move their arms out, when you have the enemy in a grab tap up again on the right stick and throw them into the elevator to instantly kill them. The easiest way to know when the elevator is going to open is to look at the dial above the elevator and the switch to the left of it on the wall, when the elevator is going to open these little objects begin to spark, they will spark twice before the elevator opens its doors. On the first spark you want your partner in a grab, on the second spark you want to tap up on the right stick and throw them, after the second spark while your partner is flying through the air the elevator doors will open and so your partner will go flying to their doom.

Notes: Not difficult to do if you boost, just very time consuming.

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Reserved incase needed....

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Reserved incase needed......

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Nice couple of tips man. Is there an unlock code for Troy Dollar? How do you unlock him?