View Full Version : Platinum medal advice

03-01-2010, 11:49 AM
Hey gang, I've started getting heavily into this game now. I 100% completed the first one but this game is far superior in almost every way. I've started going back over my missions to try and get close to platinum.

I guess my main question would have to be, do you HAVE TO get the 5 symbol thingies that freeze time at all? In the previous game for an example you collected various things in missions and they went towards your career, once you found them they were found end of, but these 5 token things in each mission seem to come back everytime. Are they purely for time bonus purposes or do I ACTUALLY HAVE TO get them to qualify for Platinum? Or can I just blitz through each mission completely ignoring them? Most of my time seems to be spent learning where all 5 are before completing the missions lol

Also is there any reason to bother with the secondary objectives during missions other than getting more energon? Some of them take forever, such as 10 advanced melee kills, especially when the decepticons move like **** from a shovel!

Thanks in advance