View Full Version : Help! I've lost my golden notes score!

03-03-2010, 09:08 AM
I have a problem that I am seriously hoping there is an answer to. I have all 3 LIPS games (UK) and the golden notes aren't accruing properly. This first occured at some point with the second game when I went back to the first one it took my golden notes, so I ended up with (approx.) 60k golden noted and about 800 medals (could have been more). Then when we went back to the 2nd LIPS game the medals, starstream and cups etc had all reset. We played it again, got another 14k stars, medals etc and then went back to disk 1 - back to 60k. When the 3rd one came out on Saturday we put it in and it was stuck on 14k. We've played it and gone up to 25k, so effectively I should be on 85k and over 1000 medals, but no achievements have unlocked.

Is there anyway I can resolve this? I'd be happy enough to go back to 60k, even though this would mean me losing loads of cups, and more importantly my one, single diamond cup, but Id rather start again on 60 than 25 :( Anyone got any ideas as to what I can do - ideally merge them and have 85!!!