View Full Version : Passport Achievement Problem - help plz

03-05-2010, 12:57 AM
well played the game for couple of hours, got to mission 3 where i missed one passport. upon realizing that (once mission 3 was over) replayed mission 3 on trainee difficulty, and indeed found the missing passport, the 4th on the list.
only achievement didn't unlock (for collecting all 10 passports in mission 3), so went back to it on assasin difficulty which is the difficulty i play at, and low and behold, no passport ... alas no achievement too ...

so now what? anyway to fix this? i keep seeing threads about glitched here, glitched there ... did something glitch on my end?

thanks for the help

first of all i indeed missed one, the passport guide can be unclear and one that i thought i took turned out to be missing :\ But here is a tip that will help any who get stuck for reason like this:
the passports are linked to your profile, they are not in the save file and thus deleting the file will not help solve any issue you have, trust me, i did that and even changed hard disk and restarted but was still missing the passport. since it's connected to your profile i do not believe it can be glitched, so do not do what i did , don't waste many hours thinking it's a glitch, just reload the needed episode and search thoroughly and you will find it. good luck.