View Full Version : Question about Krommath Master (Spoliers)

03-05-2010, 03:53 AM
Ok I just got back to play this game so I can at least get most of the achievements. I've had it since Oct and never played it but once. I tried to search but it didn't help.

For the Krommath (Rino type) Master achievement I have tried a few times now and can't seem to unlock it.

First time is when you first encounter a rode one after crossing a lagre bridge with bombs. I stole it and went back across the bridge where the Abrax (bird looking thing) generator is. I stay at a distance and use the A (shockwave) attack and killed them. I counted 30 kills and no achievement. I restarted the level did it again and still no achievement. I then got to the level where you first encounter the Mirigore (Ape like thing) and killed 20 Mirigore with a stollen Mirigore and got the achievement for him. I then got to the bride and stole the Krommath went back and killed 20 Mirigores with the shockwave and still no achievement.

Is there a certain place I have to do this?

EDIT: Finally got it. I had to get to the first spawner with the Krommath and travel to the neaby Lynth (Lion type) spawner. Then I killed 20 of them using A (shockwave) and then 7 using A+X (sand attack) and It finally poped.

07-19-2010, 10:48 PM
is this game easy to get full gamerscore