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03-09-2010, 05:54 AM
wow so i sent the activation code for the beta... just got this email...

Thank you for registering for the exclusive Blur online multiplayer beta.

On March 8 we will email you your Xbox token to download the beta as well as a 48 hour free trial of Xbox Live Gold.

- The Blur Team

When will i get this... its already approaching march 9th...

Celestial Being
03-09-2010, 06:15 AM
weird, i signed up march 08th and got it a couple hours after.

03-10-2010, 01:08 PM
You can get the beta code via Gamestop etc but the quickest way is here: http://www.softsailor.com/news/19993-how-to-get-your-hands-on-a-blur-beta-key-guide.html