View Full Version : Arena Exchange Kiosk Items

The Pants Party
03-12-2010, 03:56 AM
As you progress and complete rounds in the Arena you will earn coins (Copper=C, Silver=S, Gold=G) which can be redeemed for various items. All of the trade-ins are as follows:

Anti-Damage: Cx10
Anti-Heat: Cx10
Anti-Ice: Cx10
Anti-Bolt: Cx10
Anti-Toxin: Cx10
Anti-All: Cx50, Sx5
Sonic Chug: Cx10
Smash Grenade x5: Cx50, Sx5
Percussive Round x5: Cx50, Sx5
Armor-Piercing Round x5: Cx50, Sx5
MI50A: Cx500, Sx200, Gx50
Long Scope Elite: Cx300, Sx60, Gx3
MG Magazine +12: Cx200, Sx40, Gx1
Elemental Protector: Cx500, Sx80, Gx10
Mighty Suit: Cx400, Sx70, Gx5
Strongman's Bangle: Cx100
Greed Piercing: Cx150, Sx15
Lucky Charm: Cx200, Sx20
EXP Trainer: Cx200, Sx20
Bomber Ring: Cx200, Sx20
Shooting Star: Cx150, Sx15
Meteor Zipper: Cx150, Sx15
Galaxy Knuckle: Cx100, Sx10
Hawk Eye: Cx400, Sx40, Gx2
Boys' ARES Voucher: Cx400, Sx100, Gx25
Girls' ARES Voucher: Cx400, Sx100, Gx25
Men's ARES Voucher: Cx400, Sx100, Gx25
Silver Coin: Cx100
Gold Coin: Sx100