View Full Version : Any great stories? Since there is no save video feature...

03-19-2010, 04:09 PM
i got a couple hilarious things that have happened to me in MP, thot id share them for a good laugh.

first: im on the jungle-like map, where point bravo is on a hill. im trying to capture it and im hiding in some bushes. all of a sudden an enemy runs in and crouches literally 4 feet in front of me, oblivious to me being right there. so i crouch up to him and knife him; wonder what he was thinking afterwards!

secondly: im on the big desert map with 3 control points. im running from point C towards point B when i notice a sniper guy on a quad to my right, off in the distance. he sees me too, so he hops off the quad and he's scoping in on me, when all of a sudden a humvee from on my team plows him over from behind. it was hilarious, he jumpd off the quad, scopes in and a second later gets runover.

talk about being denied.

any other fancy stories???

and i wish we could save these things too, but oh well.

03-19-2010, 04:25 PM
Yeah, I was on valaprasio or what ever its called and my team was attacking and the defending base was the one after the fish town spot (the one were you can plant b from underneath in the water)

So i ran up to the right side by B and hid behind a crate and just kept killing guys i probably killed 7 guys with my ak 74, than i had to switch to my pistol and killed probably another 5 or so, than i completely ran out of ammo, so i had to switch to my rocket launcher and killed another 3. After that i died after seeing a live grenade come towards me.

Runic Aries
03-19-2010, 04:30 PM
I spawn in alot faster than most because of my connection, so when attacking I always try to make a rush for one o the bombs, on Valaspario(lighthouse), I jumped on a quad and headed right down the middle of the forest, jumped off a hill and somehow landed on the roof of a house, still going I ramped off and saw one person inbetween a crate house and another building, hoping to get some lulz I drove into him, just before I got there, atleast 5 or 6 more people came out the same area, drove through all of them (yea, through) without getting a single roadkill.
Fucking quads.