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03-20-2010, 04:49 AM
Mostly for a personally reference but other people might find it useful.

#. Track Name (Difficulty)

1. Hello World! (B)
2. Stock Market (M)
3. Mother of All Jump (E)
4. The Breakdown (B)
5. Underground (M)
6. Upwardly Mobile (E)
7. Groundhog Begins (B)
8. Jolly Jumper (M)
9. Easy Wheeling (E)
10. Smooth Jump (E)
11. Container Rush (M)
12. The Big Ride (B)
13. Tired Hill (M)
14. Logsplosive (E)
15. Trippin' the Plywood (M)
16. Building Blocks (E)
17. Dreamscape (M)
18. Middle Name: Danger (B)
19. Groundhog Returns (M)
20. Basic Bumps (B)

Number of beginner tracks: All of them (6)
Number of easy tracks: All of them (6)
Number of medium tracks: 8 out of 11

If your having trouble getting this achievement (like myself) this mini-guide might help. Its basically just listing the number of obstacles I have trouble with on that track and a hint or reminder to stop me from doing anything stupid. I also rank them from 1 being the hardest and 20 being the easiest. I'll just rank the first 10 because half of them are pretty easy

Bike: Scorpion 250cc. I prefer this bike over the phoenix because i get more height with it and the phoenix is too "bouncy" but use whatever works for you.

#. Track Name, Numer of obstacle i have trouble with, Hint/reminder, average time to beat track, (Personal Ranking difficulty.)

1. Hello World!, Dont do anything stupid like a backflip. It sucks to start over on the first track. Personal Average time : 24-27 seconds.

2.Stock Market, AGAIN DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID! It sucks even harder to start over on this map. PAT: 44-50 seconds,

3. Mother of All Jumps, 1, I take the path with the boost but i try to avoid it when i drop down. If i cant i brake trying not to get too far. PAT: 40-47 Seconds, (3)

4. The Breakdown, 1, Dont gun the beginning and dont go too slow on it either. Try to coast along as much as you can. PAT: 19-24 Seconds

5. Underground, 2, I HATE THIS MAP. I always mess up in the beginning. I MEAN ALWAYS!! Anyways be gentle with the throttle when you first get on the wooden ramp in the beginning then coast on to the metal pipe and gently drop down. Later on you do the same type of thing with like 4 pipes. Do the same thing. BE GENTLE!! PAT: 1:24-1:30, (1!!!!)

6. Upward Mobile, Just take it slow. Make sure your bike is leveled before taking on the next hill. PAT: 30-34 Seconds

7. Groundhog Begins, 1, Dont forget to slow down and stop when you see the turtle sign. PAT: 30-33 seconds.

8. Jolly Jumper, 3, ugh....well when you pass the first obstacle make sure you lean back (you moved the :ls: <- that way) before taking on the jump over the canyon. During the fist pit of fire( 3 platforms) take it slow and dont hold gas. During your 2nd pit of fire (4 platforms) do the same thing but pray you make it. PAT: 1:14-1:20, (2)

9. Easy Wheeling, Just take it slow and if you find yourself doing a wheelie try to level out. Dont give up if you find your self on your helmet or something, your almost halfway there. PAT: 29-33 seconds

10. Smooth Jumps, 1, DONT GUN THE FIRST DROP!!! YOU WILL CRASH (probably)! Coast down the hills it makes it easier not to fault. PAT: 45-50 seconds.

11. Container Rush, take your time! make sure your leveled before taking on the next obstacle/ jump. coasting helps alot on this map. PAT: 43-46 Seconds. (4)

12. The Big Ride, COAST! Thats all you gotta do. well make sure you level your bike out when necessary. PAT: 28-33 Seconds.

13. Tired hill, 1, Stay as close to the ground as much as possible. Theres like random ramps in the air that your can hop on to if you get enough height but DONT go for it. Theres a good chance you'll fault. So take it nice and easy on this map. PAT: 41-46 seconds. (5)

14. Logsplosive, 1, make sure you stick the landing at the end. you dont wanna gun it then do a random ass backflip and fault right in front of the finish line and especially not on track 14. PAT: 27-30 seconds

15. Trippin' the Plywood, 2, I find this map really easy but that's just me :]. so get over the 1st obstacle and get in front of the loopdy loop thing. so back up to the checkpoint and go for the ramp. move the :ls: <-- way when your on the ramp(you gotta figure out the timing) and land the back flip. ok now for the harder obstacle on the map. After you jump over the pit of fire (try not to go too far) land on the platform before the drop. slowly inch your way to the edge then drop down trying to align your tire with the metal rail then it should be pretty easy after that. PAT: a long time. (10)

16 Building Blocks, its pretty easy if you take your time and don't hold down the :rtbut: the whole time. PAT: 27-30 seconds.

17. Dreamscape, i find this map too be really really difficult when it shouldnt be. I took the bottom path, never jumping onto a top platform and i went as slow as hell to finish it. PAT: a minute. (6)

18. Middle Name: Danger, 2, For the most part take it easy. if you gun it you most likely hit a glass pane or metal pole AND THAT WILL SUCK since its track 18. Dont catch on fire when crossing the burning log. Near the end of the map you will be on an AC/sewer looking pipe with plywood on it. DONT GO FAST because if you do you will hit the metal pole at the end of the track. so go slow and be safe. PAT: 20-22 seconds (7)

19. Groundhog Returns, 1, slow down when you see a turtle sign. I highly suggest looking up a video guide before doing this track. if you have 0 faults up to this point and you mess up now you would probably shoot yourself. so please just look at a video and see how the track is set up. PAT: 30-60 seconds. (8)

20. Basic Bumps, if you think you should take it nice and slow because its the last track YOUR WRONG. theres parts of the map where if you take it slow you wont make the tiniest of gaps or the floor will break under you. So i recommend drive it as you usually would but dont get too carried away like holding down gas. PAT: like 30 seconds. (9)

Remember this is just what i do. You can do whatever works for you.

The 10 Hardest Tracks (IMO)

1. Underground
2. Jolly Jumper
3. Mother of All Jumps
4. Container rush
5. Tire Hill
6. Dreamscape
7. Middle Name: Danger
8. Groundhog Returns
9. Basic Bumps
10. Trippin' the Plywood

General Tips

Take your time. If your going for the achievement it doesnt matter how long you took to finish a track or the tournment.
You must get 0 faults on all tracks through regular play. If your unable to do that its obvious you wont be getting this achievement any time soon.
Coast when you can. Coasting means riding down the path without pressing gas.
Know whats gonna be coming next. Be prepared.
Land your landings. Make sure your bike is leveled before taking on the next obstacle

Side note: this was my first time doing a Guide or whatever so it might not look pretty but all the info is there. most of this is just personal opinion so some tracks might be easier/ harder for others. Should i take off the PAT thing? i feel like its stupid and a waste of space and doesnt help much. please give me some feedback so i can do edits and such.

03-31-2010, 02:41 PM
i got up to middle name danger last night-the first track in the game and then made 2 retarded mistakes, im not sure i will ever get this achievement

Kill Jim 16
04-01-2010, 05:29 PM
Just starting playing this again, and thank god they made the endurance easier to complete without a fault. i had 86 faults on the old endurance but only 6 on this one.

Jolley Jumper is by far the hardest track to complete without a fault, but i have sometimes done it only to get stupid ass faults somewhere else!

Not sure if ill ever get this ahievement but its a good challenge and ill keep going for it.

A few extra tips in the guide that I can take onboard but mostly I mess up on something stupid. I guess I need 14 mins of pure concentration and a bit of luck!

The Gravy Snake
04-08-2010, 08:14 PM
I had a lot more luck using the higher top speed bike than the faster accelerating one. The top speed let me make some of the jumps that I was sometimes miss and the slower acceleration caused less mistakes. I went from an hour of 10 faults to 7 faults my first try with the higher top speed bike.

Kill Jim 16
04-08-2010, 09:49 PM
I can confirm that the bike with high top speed is a lot better to use than the acceleration one.

I went from 6 faults to 2 , then to 1 then finally 0 in a few sessions.

Tracks 5, 8 and 19 are the hardest. Keep racing the problem tracks till your confident enough to know u can do em first go. Take your time to always position your bike properly on the surface your landing on.

04-09-2010, 11:23 AM
you mean use the scorpion rather than pheonix, not to sure about that, scorpion is better on some tracks but useless on others

Kill Jim 16
04-09-2010, 01:37 PM
Yeah Scorpion has more top speed, it also goes slightly higher than the pheonix.
It does struggle on some tracks so find what tracks u cant do first time then try them individually until you've mastered each track.

Many times I wanted to throw a pad at the wall but jus bear with it and keep practicing till your confident u can do every track first time.

The Gravy Snake
04-09-2010, 02:10 PM
The Scorpion helped me on the couple tracks where I was having issues making a long jump. The slower accelleration doesn't seem to cause me any problems.

The Gravy Snake
04-12-2010, 01:40 PM
After much practice I can make it to Jolly Jumper without any wrecks most of the time and can make it past it some of the time. I seem to have most of my wrecks when I come down on a flat portion of track and there is a slope going away from me. My back wheel hits on the flat and the front wheel hits on the slope and flip over the handlebars.

What is the best method to save a landing like this? I started to pull back and hit the gas and it seems to be working some of the time...which is better than none of the time. If I can save those landings, I should be able to make it through without any wrecks.

04-12-2010, 02:15 PM
i had a few goes with the scorpion last night, it just feels to heavy and harder to pull out of fault causing spazams, guess im just used to the pheonix.
i hate this achievement, i always stack on the beginner tracks, im alot better than that, they really need to update it so you can press back to start the tournement over rather than have to quit to start over.

Kill Jim 16
04-14-2010, 05:36 PM
All of the ppl who I know that have done this used the scorpion, I used the phoenix at first and got it down to 6 faults, tried the scorpion and I immediately found it easier to control, when I was landing there was no sudden burst of acceleration issues like I had with the phoenix so I never flipped on my back.

I had a mega prob with the start of jolley jumper, after the first jump theres a flat run up to a big jump where u have to get both wheels land on the mid ramp in order to get to the next ramp. Id sometimes clip my back or front wheel on the mid ramp so I could never make the next one, well annoying if your faultless up to this point. In the end I made the first jump then stopped and reversed to the slope so when I went for it I had top speed and never clipped that bastard middle ramp.

Any track u hav a prob with play it to death! In 10 jolley jumper runs I could do 5 without a fault, eventually Id pass 8 out of 10 and thats when I knew I was good enough to go for the 20 track run.

Know what your saying about not being able to press select and restart the run from the start again. Annoying as f--k!

Best advice I can give is just keep practicing!

04-18-2010, 08:05 PM
Not sure if anyone would want to see it. But I uploaded a video of me doing a quick run through of Ultimate Endurance. It is by no means a guide. I was just recording videos for all my custom tracks and figured I might as well record a quick attempt at the Ultimate Endurance.

YouTube- Ultimate Endurance in 10:08 (Marathon)