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03-20-2010, 01:51 PM
Please help

witch number ending is the "true" ending.....cant seem to find it anywhere
does anyone have a guide for this???

Macho M.
03-20-2010, 04:40 PM

1) Kuchihagahara - auto
-"I've been better"

2) Takatane - Kota
-"Calm down, kid"

3) Amana - Recruiter
-"Yes, I have..."
-win the tournement

4) Minori - Guard Leader
-"Why don't ..."

5) Road - Setsuen
-Speak to him after the event

6) Minori - Yuma
-"You're working..."
-Speak after ask "Brother and Father?"

-Note do not return to Castle Minori or an auto event will occur-

7) Kuchihagahara - Yuma and Shinnosuke fight

8) Kuchihagahara at night - Shinnosuke and Osei

9) Kuchihagahara at night - Shinnosuke
-"Sakura... Sakurai?"

10) Amana day or night - Shinnosuke
-Speak to him after for reward and thanks

11) Takatane - Kota
-"You're pretty good"

12) Amana - Shinnosuke, Kirie
-"Oh ... it's nothing ..."

13) Kuchihagahara at night - Shinnosuke
-"Of course."

-Nobunaga Event-

14) Takatane - Osei, Mumechika

15) Minori - multi
-Doesn't matter if you kill Genjuro or not
-Shinnosuke gives you the box
-Tell Yuma "You're okay with..."
-Beat Yuma with blunt attacks and escape

16) Takatane - Shinnosuke
-"Of course I will"
-"I don't want to ..."
-"I'll take the dagger"

17) Kuchihagahara - auto
-"Do what must be done."
-"Stop! Stay back!"
-"Shinnosuke... Everyone..."

Battle till you kill Shuzen

One word of advice, don't talk to the NPCs if you're not told to.

03-20-2010, 06:05 PM
thanks alot for that