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03-22-2010, 12:56 PM
I'm coming from MW2 where I'm "ok" -- but on this game, on certain maps I cant do ANYTHING. I play, generally, as a medic. But the only way I can get kills (mostly TDM matches) is to camp in a bush and hope I see someone before they see me.

Any pointers for us that want to get better, but have little hope?


03-22-2010, 01:03 PM
1. Don't think the same tactics as MW2 apply,

2. The majority of points come form working as a team, not kills.

3. K/D doesn't really matter.

4. Concentrate on attacking/ defending flags/crates. Not running around like its TDM.

5. Don't try and spawn kill when defending, the team spawns on squad near your own base and you end up losing the match.

6. Learn to play each class, and learn their strengths.

7. After a few hours you get the hang of it.

03-22-2010, 01:23 PM
If you're playing as a medic, play as a medic. Don't be a soldier trying to get kills. Stick with your squad and heal and revive as often as you can. Take out enemies when you can, but don't make it a priority.

The key about BC2 is that you cannot play it like MW2. It's a team game and each class has different roles. Your kill count shouldn't matter as long as you get the win.

03-22-2010, 01:55 PM
Yeah same as above. Best idea for a medic is to lay down health packs, revive, take shots at enemies if you are in a good position and give covering fire to assaults who are gonna make moves on the crates. It really is a brilliant dynamic once you get into it, it took me a while too so don't worry.

03-22-2010, 02:07 PM
I was in the same situation days ago. Don't worry. You'll get it after some hours of play. But always think as a team as everyone already said here.

03-22-2010, 02:27 PM
I'm coming from MW2 where I'm "ok" -- but on this game, on certain maps I cant do ANYTHING. I play, generally, as a medic. But the only way I can get kills (mostly TDM matches) is to camp in a bush and hope I see someone before they see me.

Any pointers for us that want to get better, but have little hope?


Hey man don't worry. It takes a little time to adjust. The medic is one of my favourite classes. The difference I find from MW2 and BC2 is MW2 is more solo and rambo. Whereas BC2 you have to work as a team and play it safe. Try to avoid rushing unless you are attacking on Rush. lol... Always hang back and move slowly. The key is to be around your squad. Since you are a medic, stay behind your squad and heal/revive them. You also have to make decisions whether to revive your teammates or not... sometimes might be better to let them die and wait for them to respawn at your safe point again.

Always stay out of the open and make sure there is something to you can cover behind. Travel on the side of the map more often than going straight through the map. You will learn as the game progress...

03-22-2010, 04:00 PM
If you like to run around killing things i would suggest changing to the Assault class. In my experience i have found that i generally get more kills because i can concentrate on firing upon the enemy rather than trying to heal my squad. Medic is definitely the way to go though if you want points and to be at the top of your team because you get a hell of a lot of points from using your defibs and med kits that your points soon stack up. Plus an LMG is an awesome weapon.

03-22-2010, 04:25 PM
I tend to sit inside buildings with snipers (they're on the roof, i'm in the room below) and when they need healing I will hop up, drop a kit, and then pop back down and cover the entrances.

Playing with some people, though, it makes it really hard to follow them and keep them healed. I stay OUT of the open, and they like to run into it.

I have learned SOME tactics, and I'm actually getting good at sniping (something I can NOT do in MW2).

Any particular rules you guys live by when you play? Such as "As a medic, I will..." or, "When Sniping, I always ... "

03-22-2010, 04:35 PM
This game will take some time to get better at.
I myself am more of a run n gun type of MW2 player.

I find myself having trouble with medic class. Like the advice above states this is much more team oriented than MW2. If your using the medic class, stay back and help your team through reviving and healing.

If this doesn't work, try using the assult class as I found this is the closest thing to MW2.

03-22-2010, 05:19 PM
If your playing as a medic on deathmatch I wouldn't risk your life to try and heal others. If your team is holding down an area then drop them a med pack for later. Or if they come to you give them one. They're on their own if they decide to go out into the open.

Some tips:

1. Cover is the most important thing. You always want to be in areas where the enemy can't see you from many angles. Use bushes, hills, houses, smoke etc. to travel from one place to another.
2. Take the road less traveled. Flank.
3. Watch for movement. High def TV helps a lot.
4. Spot guys whenever you can. Scan across the screen while tapping 'back' and you will often spot a guy you didn't even see. It will help with tracking guys in cover and aiming too.
5. Don't stand still in one spot for too long or you're going to get sniped.
6. Don't camp the same area after you get a kill. There's a killcam and usually that person will hunt you down as soon as they spawn. Move to the house/cover next to the last one and wait for them to come. I guess in deathmatch if your team is holding down an area this isn't as important.
7. Memorize where people are that kill you because there are typical spots for campers. Look at what weapons/specs they use too. Then always be ready in these areas with your crosshairs aimed in the general direction.
8. Aim for the head. It matters in this game. Your first shot may be a body shot, but move toward the head as you are shooting.
9. Burst fire your automatic weapons for mid to long range kills.
10. You don't always have to kill an enemy if you see them. Sometimes it draws too much attention to the area.

iBlessing 09
03-22-2010, 05:46 PM
Persistence is the key for new BF players.

03-22-2010, 06:20 PM
patience, practice, and awsomeness and friends (squad)

03-22-2010, 06:37 PM
I'm coming from MW2 where I'm "ok" -- but on this game, on certain maps I cant do ANYTHING. I play, generally, as a medic. But the only way I can get kills (mostly TDM matches) is to camp in a bush and hope I see someone before they see me.

Any pointers for us that want to get better, but have little hope?


Oh, the medic is probably my most favorite class. I like spotting with recon and bustin' tanks with the engineer, but medics...

In general, you want to play close to groups of people, but not so close that you're going to get killed with them should someone lob some explosives their way with one exception. Defending M-com stations is where I make most of trade. It can get a bit hectic inside with everybody running around and waves upon waves of enemies throwing everything at you, but if you play smart, take out those that you see, heal and revive who you can, you'll reap tons of points and maybe save the day.

Always toss med-kits. Even if someone doesn't need it in the area, maybe someone walking through will. They're free, they're plentiful, use them, use them, use them.

Defibrillators are great. You get just as much, if not more, depending on the situation, bringing a teammate back to life as killing an enemy. Not to mention, if you're quick, you significantly cut spawn time, which can mean all the difference in a charge up the hill to an objective (saving the ticket as well) or defending a choke point from imperialist aggressors.

You're also, if you haven't already, going to feel the temptation to switch up the cumbersome light machine gun for something else. I wouldn't unless you just feel way more comfortable with it. The LMG and it's friends have lots of ammo and are pretty damn powerful close to mid-range. I wouldn't try picking off people from across the map, but within a reasonable distance, they're killer, especially with the spec upgrades. In addition, don't be afraid to spray and pray. CoD has us all brainwashed to "LOOK DOWN THE SIGHTS," but when hard pressed a good sweeping pattern will do wonders to clear out the area.

You're support. Play like support.

03-22-2010, 07:09 PM
LoL i know how you feel.

Well i suck on COD and not in BC :)

03-22-2010, 11:50 PM
Like everyone else has mentioned, this isn't COD! :)

Smashing Impacts
03-23-2010, 12:43 AM
1. Play to your strengths. If you are a good sniper, use the sniper. Do not use guns you are not too good with just to get the insignias as the points will take longer to come.
2. If you are a Medic, play as one. Drop kits all the time, they don't take long to refresh.
3. Join a squad. You get more points for helping squad mates than you do helping team mates.
4. This is a team game. Playing alone will not help. Stick with your squad and don't get carried away.

03-23-2010, 12:51 AM
When sniping always spot. Sure your team mates will get most of the kills but that is what the game is about. I usually spot for 5 seconds and then start shooting. Be on the move. If you see a sniper choose to either battle it out with him or move. Always assume he can see you though.

As a medic you have 2 choices when reviving..time will tell which works best for you. Either shoot then revive or revive then shoot. When I am revived I always get the faark out of there. Some guys stand there and look around to see if there are any enemies still to shoot.

Also as a medic it depends how many medics there are on your team. I usually stay near the objs and flags. Problem is some of your guys will go in search of enemies to shoot so you need to decide either to go and revive them when they fall or stay near the obj for them to spawn on you.

03-23-2010, 03:24 AM
I'd stick with a simple class. Assault worked well for me because it got me out there, running the maps, learning the paths and high action zones. By the time I moved on to Engineer/Recon/Medic (just after I unlocked my Assault Expert achievement) I knew my way around enough to not walk into enemy fire every ten steps. I still died a ton but I could focus on learning things like how to use vehicles, effectively healing/reviving and most importantly how to sneak around behind enemy lines acting as a mobile spawn point. You'll never get the highest score acting as the spawn but you will win matches. Squad over score is pretty much the running theme of BF:BC2.

As far as 'when I'm a medic I...' type advice goes, when I'm a Medic or Assault I throw kits constantly. Only one can be on the map at a time but they're unlimited. So when you're in a position that needs to be defended don't wait to throw them. Ie, I'll rush into A, kill anything in there, then throw a med kit or ammo box, THEN set the charge. Also make sure to throw them out when ever your squad is stuck somewhere. Med-kits and ammo can really help your squad push forward, and you can always throw another once you actually make it to the objective.
Remember, when someone uses your kit you'll get 'Heal +10' or 'Resupply +10' messages on the screen. If you're getting a steady stream of those messages don't throw a new kit, if you're not getting any then you need to put a new kit somewhere else.

03-23-2010, 02:15 PM
This made for some good reading, only problem I have is getting to the point where I can unlock the defibrillator/health packs lol

Until that time I'll continue getting my arse felt :D