View Full Version : Potential glitching involved with cross-platform play

03-24-2010, 11:32 AM
My story:

Played Game Room on PC, just because it was the only option I had since I couldnt get the Game Packs on Xbox. Everything goes smoothly, I toy around, unlock some achievements.

The problem starts when I place 5 decorations down. Easy enough, I get the 2 achievements. I play a trial game of Finalizer and exit Game Room.

Sign back on my Xbox to see if it updates on that side (both points and my Arcade). My arcade has the same decorations, but the 2 achievements involved arent on my profile. I check Xbox.com - no achievements there either.

Sign back on PC and leave it idle, thinking it just needs to sync. Check Xbox.com - no update. Even viewing my played games shows only 35 points and not the 60 I have. So I delete my profile, and restore it. My profile is now updated, but minus the 2 achievements.

I place 5 more objects in my arcade. No achievements pop. I am defeated, and out 2 achievements.

Thoughts? Solutions?

My advice: Avoid playing on PC, its always been nothing but bugs and glitches

03-24-2010, 11:56 AM
Problem SOLVED: Deleting the save data fixed it - on my Xbox. It erased my arcade, allowing me to set decorations and get the achievements just fine.

Hopefully this helps other people :P